The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Studies the Complexities of Life as Dynamic Events involving the Cyclical Flow of Chemical Molecules. How Life Works?

If Life involves a series of Chemical Reactions such as the Redox or Oxidation-Reduction Chemical Reactions, the same dynamic process continues into Death causing changes to promote Regeneration, Rejuvenation, Renewal, and Rebirth.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection defines the Molecular Basis of Spirituality Science

I ask my readers to make the fundamental distinction between the Molecules of Heredity, Genes called Essence of a Living Thing, and the Molecules of Cytoplasm that establish the Existence.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Describes the Immutable, Unchanging Nature of the Source of All Life

Things in Nature change and every change is supported by the unchanging nature of Reality. Life and Death is the result of the Cyclical Flow of Time.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection recognizes the Modern Man as a new Species of Life

The evidence for the Modern Man’s arrival on planet Earth begins in the Mesolitihic Period or the Middle Stone Age(c. 10,000-c. 8000 B.C.)

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Supports the Doctrine of Static Taxonomy of Immutable Species

The arrival of the Human Species is a Creative Event and it cannot be accounted by the mechanistic principles shared by the Theory of Evolution.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection explores the Dynamics of Whole Equilibrium

Love is a Fundamental Force that acts upon living bodies, and living systems. The study of Life in Motion must be called Whole Dynamics and Whole Equilibrium.