The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods claims that Nature is Innate and not a learned experience

Spiritualism is innate and is not acquired by learning experience. The man depends upon the protoplasmic substance for his very existence as a human being and to perform the characteristic living functions. The human form becomes the actuality that it represents by the Nature of its spiritual association with the protoplasmic living matter. Man is a spiritual being because of the spiritual nature of his living substance called Protoplasm.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. Musings on Father’s Day 2022. Earthly Father vs Heavenly Father

On Sunday, June 19, 2022, I reflect upon the Fundamental Dualism that I describe as Earthly Father vs Heavenly Father. Being constituted as an earthly father, Rudolf Reborn as Rudi has no options other than that of repeating the famous last words of Jesus Christ when he breathed for the last time on the Cross. “ My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?”

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection formulates a Theory of Human Existence that refutes the doctrine of Existentialism

The complexities of Life involve knowing What You Are (Essence) and What You Do (Existence). But, Existence precedes Essence.


The philosophical doctrine of Materialism fails to explain the existence of Conscious, Intelligent Human Being seeking Peace, Harmony, and Tranquility in his interactions within himself and with environment, and community.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. I Exist, Therefore I am

The Great Statement “AHAM BRAHMASMI” must be interpreted with a pinch of Salt to recognize the reality of man and his conditioned existence.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. God created the Ground Substance of Unity and Spirituality

For human body is constituted by trillions of Independent, Individual, Living Units called Cells, the ‘Effect’ called ‘Unity’ is of fundamental importance to know man’s Essence and Identity which is manifested by his Existence.

Rudi, the reincarnation of Rudolf Virchow makes the connection between the Cell Theory and Whole Food

I say that ‘Whole Food’ is the nutritional substance that provides the experience of PEACE, HARMONY, and TRANQUILITY in Life and it helps man to live Whole Life; a Life of Satisfaction, Contentment, Happiness, and Joy.

On Akshaya Tritiya, I discover the Bliss from an Empty Pot

If the mind is viewed as a pot, the emptying of the mind involves removing the desires, the cravings, and the attachments including the desire to life. The empty pot leads to the discovery of true happiness.

Paleolithic vs Modern Art. The evidence of Precision Grip

To make the distinction between the Prehistoric Man and the Modern Man, to discern the difference between Paleolithic Art and Human Art, I want to suggest that only a Human Artist has the potential, spiritual ability to draw and depict objects for which there could be no basis in the physical environment directly experienced by the Artist