The Rudolf-Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. God created the Ground Substance of Unity and Spirituality

For human body is constituted by trillions of Independent, Individual, Living Units called Cells, the ‘Effect’ called ‘Unity’ is of fundamental importance to know man’s Essence and Identity which is manifested by his Existence.

Rudi, the reincarnation of Rudolf Virchow makes the connection between the Cell Theory and Whole Food

I say that ‘Whole Food’ is the nutritional substance that provides the experience of PEACE, HARMONY, and TRANQUILITY in Life and it helps man to live Whole Life; a Life of Satisfaction, Contentment, Happiness, and Joy.

On Akshaya Tritiya, I discover the Bliss from an Empty Pot

If the mind is viewed as a pot, the emptying of the mind involves removing the desires, the cravings, and the attachments including the desire to life. The empty pot leads to the discovery of true happiness.

Paleolithic vs Modern Art. The evidence of Precision Grip

To make the distinction between the Prehistoric Man and the Modern Man, to discern the difference between Paleolithic Art and Human Art, I want to suggest that only a Human Artist has the potential, spiritual ability to draw and depict objects for which there could be no basis in the physical environment directly experienced by the Artist

The Material Basis of Spirituality Science. Suicide Awareness Month. The Quest for Authentic Existence

Suicide is totally preventable if a man seeks information about his ‘essence'(true or real Self) and the connection, the bonding, the partnership, the relationship, the association, or the ‘yoking’ with an external agency that supports his existence.


HOLISTIC EDUCATION FOR WHOLE MAN OR WHOLE DUDE The term “HOLISTIC” has to be defined by identifying the individual who may benefit from the learning experience called ‘Holistic Education’. I coined the phrase ‘Whole Dude’ to give my definition of Whole Man. I describe the Seven Dimensions of the Man to define the phrase Whole …


TIBET CONSCIOUSNESS – QUANTUM PHYSICS – THE CONCEPT OF EMPTINESS Quantum Physics plays no role in understanding reality of ‘Consciousness’ which has both Subjective and Objective basis to verify its existence. Quantum Physics encounters a problem in accounting for true nature of ‘LIGHT’ due to Wave vs Particle Dualism. To the same extent, Quantum Physics …


THE CELEBRATION OF SPRING SEASON – WELCOME TO TELUGU NEW YEAR SRI MANMADHA – UGADI CELEBRATION ON MARCH 21, 2015: Friday, March 20, 2015 is the first day of Spring or Vernal Equinox when  duration of night and day are equal. This Friday is special for today is the day for Total Solar Eclipse and …