Whole Dude defines the concept of Whole Health and Whole Medicine in the defense of Mental Health

I describe Spirituality as the operating Principle that generates functional unity, good order, and equilibrium among the cells, tissues, organs, and the organ systems that comprise the human organism and the human Individual experiences Peace, Harmony, and Tranquility in his living condition.

The Rudi-Grant Connection voids the Buddhist Doctrine of Emptiness or Sunyavada

The Fundamental Force called Gravitation imposes this state of ignorance giving the man an opportunity to formulate mental concepts or perspectives such as the Law of Dependent Origination and the Law of Emptiness or Sunyavada shared by Buddhist thinker Acharya Nagarjuna.

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Spiritualism describes the unity of body, mind, and soul

It may be correct to mention various parts of body and give names to different organs. But, the entire human organism is derived from Single, Fertilized Egg Cell

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Whole Spirituality describes the spiritual dimension of the Living Matter

The Rudolf and Rudi Connection at Whole Foods, Ann Arbor can be best described as the concept of Whole Spirituality, the three dimensional spiritual relationship between the multicellular human organism, food, and the Divine Providence.

The Rudolf-Rudi Doctrine of Spiritualism. What is that exists and knows that it exists?

Yes indeed, Life is complicated. The complexities of Life can only be understood by knowing the fundamental living functions that are the characteristics of Life. A thing has Life if it knows the fact of its own living condition called existence. Cognitive Biology accounts for the spiritual dimension of existence.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods describes the concept of the Knowing-Self

To explore and to understand the complex human organism, I divide it into two categories, 1. The Self, and 2. The Knowing-Self. The Self describes the Singular entity recognized as Man and the Knowing-Self describes the Soul of the multicellular human organism.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods finds the Moral Doctrine of Spirituality

Yes indeed, Life is complicated. The complexities of Life demand the understanding of the complex structures and functions of the human organism. The concepts of virtue and vice are intimately related to the phenomenon of existence. The condition called existence is always associated with experience. The term Spirituality relates to the experience of peace, harmony, and tranquility in the living condition

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods Connects Intelligence with the ability to Survive in Life

My purpose is that of recognizing the fact of Intelligence as the characteristic of all living organisms and living cells and it could be important to recognize the association between Intelligence and Consciousness as the basis for a living entity to exist in its environment. We cannot afford to ignore the fact that millions of human beings have perished because of Intelligence displayed in operation and behavior of a variety of Viruses, Bacteria, Protozoa, and other parasites.