The challenge called Existence demands an Evening With Katy Perry

The challenge posed by existence may have to be articulated as the challenge involved in swimming across the open ocean without the use of any floatation device and without knowing the direction in which the swimmer can proceed to safely arrive at the shore

Special Frontier Force takes pride in India-Egypt relations on 74th Republic Day of India

The 74th Republic Day Celebration of my life’s journey is of special significance to me. I served in the Indian Army Medical Corps and had the unique opportunity to begin my military career at the Special Frontier Force/Establishment No. 22/Vikas Regiment

Makar Sankranti 2023. The illusion of Sun’s Journey across the Sky brings the Blessings of Peace

While Earth is spinning at an amazing speed, the man perceives Earth as a motionless object, and experiences the apparent motions of planets and stars. The speed of Earth’s motion, if perceived, is not compatible with human existence