Who am I? Why am I like this? The Blessings of a Name beyond all Names

Sree Rama, Rama, Rameti, Rame, Raame, Manorame Sahsra Nama tattulyam, Rama Nama Varanane. MY BELOVED HERO: The Culture of the Land Of India had introduced to me several personalities and Cultural Icons and I tend to develop a relationship with them and each of my relationships exists in a particular context. Shiva is my protector …

Simon Cyrene, the Bearer of the Cross Celebrates the Donkey’s Life of Service, Suffering, and Humility

Simon Cyrene, the Bearer of the Cross is Blessed to lead the Donkey’s Life of Service, Suffering, and Humility.

The Blessings of Devi Navratri 2022

In Physics, Power/Energy/Force is not associated with gender. But, when living things exist as male and female, description of Power/Energy/Force may have gender association.  In the Indian tradition, ‘Deva’ means God and ‘Devi’ means Goddess. Devi in the Indian tradition is the personification of God’s Supreme Power/Force/ Energy or ‘SHAKTI’. To fully account for the …

Happy Ugadi, the Telugu New Year of Hope and Promise

Spring is the season of the year between Winter and Summer. In the Northern Hemisphere it extends from the Vernal Equinox (day and night equal in length), March 20 or 21, to the Summer Solstice (year’s longest day), June 21 or 22. The Seasons come with cyclical frequency at the expected time while planet Earth …

March 31, 2022. 63rd Anniversary of Life in Exile

From March 31, 1959 to March 31, 2022, the Living Tibetan Spirits record Sixty-three Years of Life’s Journey in Exile. The Struggle is not over and yet it is time to take a deep breath and say Thank You India and Thank You America. In the Indian Tradition, the number 60 is very significant for …

Welcome to Spring Season 2022. Every Change in Nature is operated by an Unchanging Reality

The Spring Season is a time for rebirth, regeneration, renewal, and regrowth after a period of dormancy. Man derives a sense of joy and happiness when the plants start their growing process and quickly bear attractive flowers.

Phytochemistry of Chenopodium Quinoa. The Nutritional Regulators of Human Fertility

I would like to explore the connection between the chemical compounds made by Chenopodium quinoa and the male human reproductive system..

Paleolithic vs Modern Art. The evidence of Precision Grip

To make the distinction between the Prehistoric Man and the Modern Man, to discern the difference between Paleolithic Art and Human Art, I want to suggest that only a Human Artist has the potential, spiritual ability to draw and depict objects for which there could be no basis in the physical environment directly experienced by the Artist