The challenge called Existence demands an Evening With Katy Perry

The challenge posed by existence may have to be articulated as the challenge involved in swimming across the open ocean without the use of any floatation device and without knowing the direction in which the swimmer can proceed to safely arrive at the shore

Makar Sankranti 2023. The illusion of Sun’s Journey across the Sky brings the Blessings of Peace

While Earth is spinning at an amazing speed, the man perceives Earth as a motionless object, and experiences the apparent motions of planets and stars. The speed of Earth’s motion, if perceived, is not compatible with human existence

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Spiritualism reflects upon the Cyclical Flow of Time

This ability to connect the activities of past and present with activities that occur in the future requires the operation of an unchanging principle that is not influenced by changes of time.

The Rudi Connection presents the concept of Bhavanajagat to reject the Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence

Yes indeed, Life is Complicated. The most complex issue of Life is the problem of the experience called Time. The eternal recurrence of Day and Night and the eternal recurrence of Seasons with the same periodicity gives the false impression of the Cyclical Flow of Time whereas every instant on Earth is a new instant which never repeats itself.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Describes the Immutable, Unchanging Nature of the Source of All Life

Things in Nature change and every change is supported by the unchanging nature of Reality. Life and Death is the result of the Cyclical Flow of Time.

The Celebration of Makar Sankranti. The World of Experience is not constructed by the Knowing Mind

The Earth revolves around Sun and reaches the same location in its orbit on the same calendar date each year. On Friday, January 14, 2022, Earth reaches the location that an observer on Earth recognizes as the constellation of Capricorn when he sees Sun against the backdrop of stars in the Celestial Sphere. The man …

The Material Basis of Spirituality Science. Spiritual Optics. Time Flows Without the Eternal Repetition of the Past Instants. Time-Space Relationship

The man exists in a world without the possibility of the infinite repetition. The Magic of Creation enforces the alteration of each and every moment and no man is born with the same genome that existed in the past or may exist in the future.