The Celebration of Earthly Existence on Earth Day 2022

Man’s existence on the surface of planet Earth demands the experience of Flat Earth with Arched Dome on which Man observes the apparent motions of Sun, Moon, other planets, and stars. Man, experiences alternating periods of Day and Night, and experiences changing Seasons in consistent manner without experiencing the true or real motions of Earth.

The Cosmic Connection between the Living and the Nonliving Matter

Indian Cultural traditions recognize Sun as SAVITA which means Cosmic Father and He is often described as the provider of great rains, and as a friend of waters that flow across the land surface. Earthly existence is simply impossible without this harmonious relationship between the Cosmic Sun and earthly living creatures. 


The earthly existence of man is possible because of the ‘Cosmic Connection’.


Man’s perception of the physical world and his true identity is transformed by a Fundamental Force/Power/ Energy called Maya which is beyond his control. Man will be able to recognize his true identity with the help of a Force/Power/Energy known as “KRUPA”.


The originality of Earth’s fragrance describes planet Earth as a created object.