The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods Celebrates the Man’s Unity with a Supernatural Source of Energy, Knowledge and Life

The complexities of Life cannot be understood without reference to the external dimensions of Time and Space. Every instant of Lifetime experience is a new experience which has not happened in the past and would not recur in the future for the man exists on the surface of a fast spinning planet which partakes in the motions of Sun and the motions of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Describes the Immutable, Unchanging Nature of the Source of All Life

Things in Nature change and every change is supported by the unchanging nature of Reality. Life and Death is the result of the Cyclical Flow of Time.

The Celebration of Earthly Existence on Earth Day 2022

Man’s existence on the surface of planet Earth demands the experience of Flat Earth with Arched Dome on which Man observes the apparent motions of Sun, Moon, other planets, and stars. Man, experiences alternating periods of Day and Night, and experiences changing Seasons in consistent manner without experiencing the true or real motions of Earth.

Happy New Year Greetings. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom

The man cannot discover God’s mind by inventing schemes or mental tricks, or by using cunningness or deception. Man has to submit to Will of God and learn about God with guidance, assistance, instruction, and counsel of the Spirit, the Spirit of the Lord. 

The Reality of Self. Mortal vs Everlasting Life

The man can be presented as the constantly changing or varying, transitory, mortal, physical being on the basis of his Identity and on the flip side there is the dimension of unvarying, unchanging, constant, and eternal being defined by his Individuality.

Earthly Existence is governed by the Unreal Experience of Earth

Diverse aspects of human physiology and behaviour show that human existence is synchronized with the Laws of Nature. When we live in accordance with the law, we get a chance to know the provider of the Law.