The Skillful Designing of Life

The term design means to make a plan, a pattern, or outline and carry out the execution by artistic arrangement in a skillful way. To produce an artistic unit, the designer will arrange the parts; details of form, color, etc., to fit into the artful scheme.

The Magic of Creation-The Proof is in the Pudding

I am amazed to  discover that a plant creates the same chemical compounds in the precise concentration and combination to generate the same odor, smell, flavor, scent, or aroma that is produced by a freshly voided sample of human male Semen, the biological fluid that contains seeds called Spermatozoa.

The Magic of Creation. Take the Smell Test

Plants synthesize chemical molecules that can be recognized by their smell, scent, odor, fragrance, aroma, and flavor. The sensory recognition or perception of smell or odor indicates the presence of something; the something that I recognize is that of the operation of Divine Providence called Mercy, Grace, and Compassion.

Art and Beauty. The Concept of Whole Beauty

I use the term ‘Whole Aesthetics’ to describe the ‘Wholeness’ of Human Existence that requires the ‘Whole Harmony’ between Dependence and Freedom, the Whole Harmony between Illusion and Reality, the ‘Whole Unity’ between the human body, spirit and soul.

The Concept of Whole Phenomenon vs The Philosophy of Pure Consciousness

the term “Whole Phenomenon” can be stated as any event, circumstance, or experience that can be known by human senses, or the mental faculty called intuition under the influence of Illusion.


TIBET CONSCIOUSNESS – TANTRIC BUDDHISM – BODY, MIND AND MEDITATION Special Frontier Force extends appreciation and gives thanks to Culture24 Reporter for publishing an interesting story on Wellcome Museum, London hosting Exhibition on Body, Mind, Meditation in Tantric Buddhism. Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4162 USA SPECIAL FRONTIER FORCE CULTURE 24 Tibet’s Secret Temple: Wellcome …


TIBET CONSCIOUSNESS – QUANTUM PHYSICS – THE CONCEPT OF EMPTINESS Quantum Physics plays no role in understanding reality of ‘Consciousness’ which has both Subjective and Objective basis to verify its existence. Quantum Physics encounters a problem in accounting for true nature of ‘LIGHT’ due to Wave vs Particle Dualism. To the same extent, Quantum Physics …


SPIRITUALISM AND FUNDAMENTAL DUALISM: Madhva of India had glorified difference between things. He traced back his dualistic thought to the Hindu scriptures known as the ‘Upanishads’. His main works are his commentaries on the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Vedanta-Sutras, and the Indian epic poem of Mahabharata. Five types of distinctions, or differences are central …


What is the relationship between Matter, Soul, and God? How are they related to each other? Indian thinkers have formulated their views to explain the problem of fundamental Dualisms.