The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Formulates the Whole Doctrine, the Medical Doctrine of Dialectical Spiritualism

Man is a mortal, physical being and his substance is perishable. Through the process of Dialectical Spiritualism, man progresses towards a higher state of existence; Man the Spiritual Being is Immortal and has Everlasting Life and is Imperishable and Indestructible.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. Matter, Energy, and Knowledge, the 3-Dimensional Life

The concept of Knowledge must be explained in the context of the purposive, sequential, goal-oriented actions performed by Cells to acquire and use matter and energy in support of their living functions.

The Rudolf and Rudi Connection. The Discovery of Whole Spirituality at Whole Foods

The Cell, the Building Block of Life is conditioned to exist with a constant input of energy from an external source. The Spirit and Soul formulates the relationship between the Cells and their external source of energy.


THE COLORS OF SPIRITUALISM: Color plays an important role in every aspect of life. Human civilization has developed taste in color and has attached values and functions to the colors it visualizes. A sense of fitness has been acquired concerning the use of color. The spectral array of colors exhibited by a rainbow is a …