On Fourth of July, the Rudi Connection at Whole Foods celebrates the concept of Whole Dude-Whole Cookie-Whole Love

Whole Love in its essence reflects the three dimensions of Love. These dimensions are, 1. Self-Love, 2. Love of another person, and 3. God’s Love.

On Easter Sunday 2022, I ask all of You to begin a new holiday tradition to celebrate the Love Commandments of Jesus Christ

To prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ, we need to begin a new holiday tradition to celebrate the Love Commandments of Christ.

My reflections on Lord’s Supper. Holy Communion vs Whole Communion

In remembrance of Christ’s Whole Sacrifice, I shall profess Whole Love by celebrating the Sacrament of Whole Communion while I eat and share the Whole Cookies.

Whole Mythology at Whole Foods. Joshua is Reborn

For Hoshea to be reborn as Joshua, Mother Nature helps in his rebirth. In this natural operation, Mother Nature extracts Hoshea’s sinful or lustful nature completely for man is a born sinner and man cannot enter Kingdom of God with a sinful nature. Whole Story is an account of Hoshea’s physical rebirth and it describes …

The time is always right to do what is right. The Beginning of a new holiday tradition in American Life.

I am posting this article to make an open appeal to all the members of the US Congress to pass a decree or law to commence a new tradition in the national life that celebrates the central role of love in developing wholesome human relationships.

Merry Christmas 2021. Spirituality Science-The Law of Love

Merry Christmas 2021. I ask Americans to begin a new holiday tradition to celebrate the proclamation of the Love Commandments: CHRISTMAS DAY, A HOLIDAY ON DECEMBER 25, CELEBRATES THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST. THE FOCUS UPON GOD’S UNCONDITIONED LOVE IS NOT ALWAYS EXPRESSED IN THIS TRADITIONAL HOLIDAY CELEBRATION.

The Celebration of Whole Love on last Wednesday of July 2021.Whole Cookie-Whole Creme-Whole Celebration

Jesus retained the essence of the Torah but changed its Operating Principle.Whole Foods may rename its 365 Everyday Value Mismatched Sandwich Cremes as "WHOLE COOKIES" if the US Congress approves a Bill to celebrate "Whole Love."


THE JOY OF CHRISTMAS – THE UPLIFTING POWER OF CHRIST: HUMAN EXISTENCE AND THE GAME OF CHESS: Human existence could be viewed as a game of chess. Depending upon the nature of the opponent, human existence faces challenges from several directions which may not be anticipated, and man may or may not be able to …