The Rudi-Madhubala Connection at Whole Foods describes the regeneration, renewal, and rebirth of the perishable physical form

Yes indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexity of Life involves the concept of Love. It is not very easy to interpret a simple statement like, ”I Love You.” Does it reflect my attachment to the Form of the Object of my Love? Does it reflect the true or real nature of the substance that hosts the feeling called Love?

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection explores the Dynamics of Whole Equilibrium

Love is a Fundamental Force that acts upon living bodies, and living systems. The study of Life in Motion must be called Whole Dynamics and Whole Equilibrium.

The Core Values of trust, respect, and commitment to formulate Wholesome Interpersonal Love relationships

God’s Love is unconditioned and it goes beyond Good and Evil. But, the humans need values to build wholesome relationships.

Whole Dude-Whole Cookie-Whole Love. Reflections on the nature of Wholesome interpersonal relationships

The Cookie that I Love, the Cookie that Loves me come together as the Whole Cookie for I am the Original Crème of Life.

On Easter Sunday 2022, I ask all of You to begin a new holiday tradition to celebrate the Love Commandments of Jesus Christ

To prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ, we need to begin a new holiday tradition to celebrate the Love Commandments of Christ.

My reflections on Lord’s Supper. Holy Communion vs Whole Communion

In remembrance of Christ’s Whole Sacrifice, I shall profess Whole Love by celebrating the Sacrament of Whole Communion while I eat and share the Whole Cookies.

The time is always right to do what is right. The Beginning of a new holiday tradition in American Life.

I am posting this article to make an open appeal to all the members of the US Congress to pass a decree or law to commence a new tradition in the national life that celebrates the central role of love in developing wholesome human relationships.