On Fourth of July, the Rudi Connection at Whole Foods celebrates the concept of Whole Dude-Whole Cookie-Whole Love

Whole Love in its essence reflects the three dimensions of Love. These dimensions are, 1. Self-Love, 2. Love of another person, and 3. God’s Love.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods Finds the Key to Human Nature

At a fundamental level, certain living characteristics or nature is innate or implanted in matter at the beginning of life. The nature called compassion is implanted or innate to the living substance or matter known as protoplasm.

The Core Values of trust, respect, and commitment to formulate Wholesome Interpersonal Love relationships

God’s Love is unconditioned and it goes beyond Good and Evil. But, the humans need values to build wholesome relationships.

Whole Dude-Whole Cookie-Whole Love. Reflections on the nature of Wholesome interpersonal relationships

The Cookie that I Love, the Cookie that Loves me come together as the Whole Cookie for I am the Original Crème of Life.

On Easter Sunday 2022, I ask all of You to begin a new holiday tradition to celebrate the Love Commandments of Jesus Christ

To prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ, we need to begin a new holiday tradition to celebrate the Love Commandments of Christ.

My reflections on Lord’s Supper. Holy Communion vs Whole Communion

In remembrance of Christ’s Whole Sacrifice, I shall profess Whole Love by celebrating the Sacrament of Whole Communion while I eat and share the Whole Cookies.