The Rudi-Grant Connection is about Self-Examination to discover my relationship with myself

If I know, who I am, I could live in a relationship with myself. First of all, I need to forget that image, that reflection that I may have seen in the mirror.     

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. The Concept of Whole Monad Brings Unity of Science and Humanities

I describe the fertilized Egg Cell or Human Ovum called Zygote as a “Whole Monad.” The entire human organism including the mind, and body is derived by the multiplication of this Single Cell, Single Unit, or Single Element. It is ‘Whole’ for it has Spirit or Soul that establishes the structural and functional harmony between the cells, tissues, organs and organ systems of the human being.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. Team Spirit Operates Only at Workplace

The Man has no choice of his own over his existence as an Individual with Individuality, The Vital, Animating Principle called Spirit imposes functional subservience over trillions of these individual, independent cells to safeguard the Individual Rights of the Man. Rudi’s Journey from Individualism to Spiritualism helps to safeguard his Individual Rights.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection Supports the Doctrine of Static Taxonomy of Immutable Species

The arrival of the Human Species is a Creative Event and it cannot be accounted by the mechanistic principles shared by the Theory of Evolution.


There are two elements or two aspects of human nature; 1. Freedom, and 2. Dependence. Spiritualism is the relationship between man and the constantly moving and changing world and universe in which man exists.


Human birth is a Divine Phenomenon and the newborn baby arrives as a Spiritual Being. Spiritualism is not Learned or Acquired Knowledge or Behavior.


If the body knows its Owner, there is an anatomical structure that is associated with the function called Knowing-Self.


Man is not an embodied Soul and Man is a Living Soul. There is structural, and functional Unity of Man in Body, Mind, and Soul.


Love is a complex term and is associated with the passion of sexual instinct which has powerful influence upon human behavior. The complexity of Love involves in its ability to generate feelings that are fundamentally the opposite of Love.