The Rudolf-Rudi Connection brings together Whole Foods, Whole People, and Whole Planet

Rudi acknowledged his German heritage at Whole Foods when he discovered the spiritual connection between man, food, and Providence. Whole Foods, Whole People, and Whole Planet are connected by a material substance called Protoplasm, a divine plan to provide nourishment to Life. The Rudolf and Rudi Connection at Whole Foods, Ann Arbor can be best …

Who am I? Why am I like this? The Blessings of a Name beyond all Names

Sree Rama, Rama, Rameti, Rame, Raame, Manorame Sahsra Nama tattulyam, Rama Nama Varanane. MY BELOVED HERO: The Culture of the Land Of India had introduced to me several personalities and Cultural Icons and I tend to develop a relationship with them and each of my relationships exists in a particular context. Shiva is my protector …

Simon Cyrene, the Bearer of the Cross Celebrates the Donkey’s Life of Service, Suffering, and Humility

Simon Cyrene, the Bearer of the Cross is Blessed to lead the Donkey’s Life of Service, Suffering, and Humility.

March 31, 2022. 63rd Anniversary of Life in Exile

From March 31, 1959 to March 31, 2022, the Living Tibetan Spirits record Sixty-three Years of Life’s Journey in Exile. The Struggle is not over and yet it is time to take a deep breath and say Thank You India and Thank You America. In the Indian Tradition, the number 60 is very significant for …

I am a Refugee. Who is my Refuge? 63rd Tibetan National Uprising Day

Tibet Uprising or Tibet Rebellion on Tuesday, March 10, 1959 makes a profound impact on the course of my life’s journey, forcing me to live in exile without refugee status, without asylum protection, and without any entity that can be recognized as a friend.

The Celebration of Two-Two. Who are You at age Two-Two?

At age twenty-two, I got Commission in the Indian Army Medical Corps giving me the opportunity to serve in a top-secret military Establishment Number. 22 which is popularly identified as Two-Two. I joined Two-Two on September 22 making it a Special Day of my life.

The Military Expeditions to Demagiri, Tlabung, Lushai, Mizo Hills. A Tribute to Tibetan Martyrs

I am sharing this story about the British Indian Army First Lushai Expedition of 1871-72 to honor the memory of the Tibetan soldiers who arrived in Demagiri, Tlabung, Lushai or Mizo Hills in October 1971 and gave their precious lives during the military action in the Chittagong Hill Tracts initiating the Liberation of Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Ops of 1971-72. My Story from the Chittagong Hill Tracts

In the execution of General Urban’s military plan some of the Phantoms, gallant members of the Fifth Army sacrificed their lives. General Uban was not present when the real heroes were cremated or buried. Apart from myself, I presume that the Chakma might have seen where the ‘Phantoms of Chittagong’ were buried. .

The Medical Plan for the Fifth Army in Bangladesh. An unexpected eyewitness of the covert military operation

It amazes me even now that I had to unexpectedly provide help to a total stranger who was experiencing a medical condition which I had already experienced in my personal life.