English: Ascension of Christ

English: Jesus ascending to heaven
English: Jesus ascending to heaven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The New Testament Books of LUKE( Chapter 24, verse #51 ) and ACTS( Chapter 1, Verses #1-9 ) describe ‘Ascension’, the return of the risen Christ to Heaven on the 40th day after the Resurrection. The last Book of The New Testament called ‘THE REVELATION’ by saint John describes the revelation of Jesus Christ. In Chapter 21, verse #1, it is revealed: “And I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth; for the first Heaven and the first Earth were passed away…” A new Heaven is in the plan and Whole Dude has a plan for a New, “WHOLE HEAVEN.” The term “WHOLE” refers to characteristics such as auspicious, sound, not broken, not defective, not damaged, not injured, and not diseased. The first Heaven cannot be said to be “WHOLE.” There are very serious problems in the first Heaven which cannot be ignored.


Whole Dude-Whole Heaven:The ‘Ascension’ of the Risen Christ on the 40th day after the Resurrection. The New Testament Book of ‘THE REVELATION’ by Saint John describe The Revelation of Jesus Christ that calls for a new Earth and a new Heaven.


Angels(Greek. Angelos – messenger ) are described as heavenly beings created by God and they are the original inhabitants or Citizens of The Kingdom of Heaven. Whereas, earthly human beings created by God have yet to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Angels have higher dignity than man but unlike man, they constitute a Company and not a Race. Human Races have developed from original, known pair of people such as Adam and Eve, and Abraham and Sarah. Angels are not omnipotent and they are not omniscient. Angels assist, protect, and deliver God’s people. Sometimes, Angels are used to guard and protect some places. Angels while they are in Heaven seem to spend much of their time in the worship and praise of God. They deliver God’s messages, they execute God’s judgment, and they serve in Heaven to execute God’s will towards individuals and nations. Angels are often dispatched by God to interpret God’s will, or plan, or commandment to specific people God has chosen. Angels can guide the affairs of nations. God uses them to punish His enemies which may include other Angels who may oppose God’s Plan. Jesus said that the Angels do not marry and do not die( Gospel According to Saint Luke, Chapter 20, verses# 34-36 ). However, it appears that Angels could have sexual relations and an Angel had married a human female and had a child. Angels can exist as ‘Spirits’ without a bodily form, but, very often they reveal themselves in bodily form; some appear as Heavenly Maidens, and others as Heavenly Saints and both have the ability to fly in the air. With or without bodily form, Angels are personal beings and they operate under the permissive will of God. It is important to note that there is a vast multitude of Angels in the Heaven( The Book of Revelation, Chapter 5, verse# 11).


The Angels are originally created to exist as holy beings. Some Angels, after a period of probation, fell from their state of innocence. These Angels who lost their original holiness became corrupt with a sense of self-pride. They lost the sense of humility and have become arrogant, or stiff-necked. After becoming corrupt, they made no attempt to repent and made no attempt to return to the original state of holiness. The unholy Angels turned evil and had started opposing the work of God, and interfere in the execution of God’s Plan. These Angels who were confirmed evil had joined together in a deliberate, self-determined rebellion against God. Satan( Greek. Satanas; Hebrew. Satan – adversary ) is the leader of the Angels who rebelled against God and they were expelled from Heaven after a very fierce battle.

WHOLE DUDE-WHOLE HEAVEN: The New Testament Book, THE REVELATION describes the story of a huge rebellion in the first Heaven that caused violence and warfare. The Good Angels under the Command of Archangel Michael defeated the forces of Rebel Angels under the Command of the Dragon, the Serpent, the Devil, the Satan, and the armies of the Beast.
WHOLE DUDE – WHOLE HEAVEN: The defeat of The Dragon. Archangel Michael’s Victory calls for the establishment of “WHOLE” Heaven to replace the first Heaven which has some defects that caused some Angels to rebel against God’s Authority.
“It is a fight the like of which no one can imagine” – From ‘A PERPETUAL FIGHT’. The Devil creeps into your dwelling like a thief to rob you and to destroy you.
Domenichino - The Assumption of Mary Magdalene...
Domenichino – The Assumption of Mary Magdalene into Heaven – 1620 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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