English: Arthropoda collage. From left to righ...
English: Arthropoda collage. From left to right and from top to bottom: Kolihapeltis, Stylonurus, Scorpion, Crab, Centipede, Butterfly Espanola: collage de artrópodos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What are Centipedes?


Scolopendra gigantea is a Centipede, a Creepy Creature that can arouse a sense of Fear. However, it behaves like a Saint; its reproductive behavior is Innate Behavior and is not a Learned or Acquired Behavior which may require the ability called Communication Behavior. The Centipede does not communicate its sexual desires to members of the same or opposite sex. It reproduces without ever expressing its sexual passion to another Centipede. It depends upon the LORD GOD Creator for its reproductive success and uses a hereditary, natural mechanism that does not demand Copulation with another member.


Centipedes are described as invertebrate animals that belong to Class Chilopoda, Phylum Arthropoda. It is important to note that Phylum Arthropoda is the largest and most diverse group of invertebrate animals. This group makes up more than 80%( 800, 000 ) of all known animal species. The First Book of Moses called Genesis in Chapter 1, verses 24 and 25 describes the creation of cattle, beasts, and everything that creeps upon the Earth.

Centipede has an elongated, flattened body that is divided into head and trunk, and the trunk comprises of segments. They move rapidly on from 14 to 177 pairs of legs. The average number of legs is 35 pairs, one pair per segment except for the first one segment and the last two. The appendages of the first segment are modified into jaw like claws equipped with poison glands with which it paralyzes its prey. The last pair of legs is pincer-like. The smaller centipedes move fast running with the body held straight. The larger variety move relatively slowly and show sinuous movements. These animals typically remain hidden by day under stones, dry leaves, bark, and ground litter and hunt small insects at night. The small centipedes are harmless to humans. The larger centipedes could pose a severe risk. Its sting may not kill man but could cause severe pain, burning sensation, redness, and swelling. The largest tropical species Scolopendra gigantea may reach a size of 12 inches or 30 centimeters. It will be interesting to know the difference between insects and centipedes. Insect has a body that is divisible into head, thorax, and abdomen. The term ‘true bugs’ is used to describe insects with sucking mouth parts and with forewings thickened toward the base. The term ‘worm’ is used to describe a variety of slender, soft-bodied animals such as the earthworms. Centipedes may not be described as bugs, insects, or worms. However, it will be correct to call them as creepy creatures as they move along with the body close to the ground and exhibit a creeping movement that is similar to the movement displayed by a snake. In common usage, the word ‘creep’ is used to describe a thing that arouses a sense of fear. As the Book of Genesis suggests, God may have created a variety of creepy things before creating man in His own image. Man has rational, and moral nature like God’s and man has no inner impulse or drive to sin. Man has free will to obey God’s will. There is nothing in man’s environment that can compel man to sin. But, man could be solicited to disobey God and to commit sin. The solicitation to sin could only come from outside. The “Fall” of man is narrated in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 3. The voice of ‘The Serpent’ that deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden was the voice of Satan, the adversary of both God and man. The voice of ‘The Tempter’ comes to man from outside himself and hence man has to live with a sense of fear and be cautious while contacting creepy creatures. Centipede could be an exception as it may not solicit man to perform immoral, and corrupt sexual acts.





Lord Centipede is the name of a music band that is very popular with a lot of young people living in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. I would not be surprised if this music band gets international acclaim and recognition. They deliver music with a sting; its nasty but enticing. Young people love it as the music provokes them to experience life with sharpness. The Centipede that interests me is called ‘Whole Centipede’. He has the nature of a Centipede that I have described but he has also the ability to sing and play musical instruments. He could be one of those fallen angels; the bad angels who had participated in a deliberate, self-determined rebellion against God and got expelled from the Heaven. Some of these bad angels spent over thousand years living in abyss and have returned to planet Earth as they cannot return to the Heaven. By nature, these bad angels get attracted by a variety of creepy creatures and often reveal themselves in the bodily form of those creatures. Satan, the Leader of fallen angels is extremely wicked and he reveals himself in the bodily form of ‘The Serpent’. The ‘Whole Centipede’ has revealed himself in the bodily form of a human being, and is known as ‘Sir.SAMIR’, or ‘Lord. SAMEER’. During day time, he is mostly pleasant and his nature is revealed during his music shows and performances. He can literally bite you with his music and song. He mercilessly punches people with his lyrics. He arouses a sense of fear when he sings and plays. However, the ‘Whole Centipede’ is not immoral, or corrupt like other bad angels. He acquired a good characteristic from the Centipede Class to which he belongs. Centipedes are a class or group of Arthropods that do not exhibit the sexual, or reproductive behavior called ‘Copulation’. The male centipede does not copulate with a female centipede or with another male. It does not need a female and has no requirement called ‘cohabitation’. There is no direct bodily contact between the male and female centipedes. In other words, the male centipede sleeps alone and the bed or ground remains clean. The ‘Whole Centipede’ has this behavioral trait and he prefers clean, bed linen that are not soiled or stained by activities like copulation. Further, he shows a sense of passion, a strong urge, intense drive, and very deep motivation to maintain his bed linen in a clean, and good condition at all times. These admirable qualities and behavioral traits to avoid copulation have helped in selecting him for a new assignment in the ‘Whole Heaven’. He has been appointed as the Director of Housekeeping Services and Housekeeping Operations in the ‘Whole Heaven’ where the Heavenly Maidens are prohibited from providing Housekeeping Services. In the ‘Whole Heaven’ the operations require a change of bed linen at least six times on any given Heavenly Day with no Holidays. It is a very demanding task and the high standards of Heavenly Service stipulate that the bed linen must be always be clean, and fresh while the Heavenly residents enjoy their Heavenly pleasures as per the schedule planned by the Director of Front-End Operations. Only a ‘Whole Centipede’ who has no desire for engaging in copulation can provide such important Housekeeping Service with a total sense of dedication. Whole Dude is very optimistic that the ‘Whole Centipede’ would soon be promoted and be elevated to the status of  ‘Saint Centipede’ for rendering excellent service with a sense of Devotion and Dedication.

Whole Dude says that in Whole Heaven we need Whole Discipline and Whole Dedication to obtain Whole Pleasure. What do you want to say???  


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Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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  1. Greetings My Magikal Master Whole Dude, I am a representative from the band Lord Centipede. Your kind words about us being popular with the kids, and seeking global domination is flattering, because it is what we intend to do with our brand of Thrash Influenced Hardcore, tinged with Stoner Doom (a la Black Sabbath, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Weedeater, Etc..). Your interpretation of our band name, and what it means to your magikal kristian kvlt known as whole dude is well appreciated, and we welcome interpretations as to what our band name and music means to all of our fans and listeners. However, I would like to present my interpretation, given I was the one who had suggested the band name. The original idea behind the name was based on a story I had heard about a centipede guarding a stash of drugs. Not some fallen angel from heaven named Sameer, but a nasty centipede living in a second or third world country whose sole purpose is to guard a stash of drugs. This later developed into a song we perform entitled “Guardians of The Drug Den” which name drops the Word centipede.However Centipede does not mean an Arthropod in this case. I imagine Centipede being like a fictional Criminal Organization or Drug Cartel in a similar way that Cobra is a fictional terrorist organization on the cartoon version of GI JOE. In the cartoon, Cobra is run by the fictional supreme leader known as Cobra Commander. One could imagine this shadowy fictional character known as Lord Centipede plays a similar role to the fictional criminal organization known as Centipede, or the Centipede. You can clearly see that our songs carry similar themes alluding to or straight out acknowledging drug use/abuse. This is illustrated in our songs “Enter The Centipede” and “Guardians of The Drug Den”. Other songs touch on Alcoholism such as “Eternal Vomit”, while others touch on the seedier parts of life like in the songs “Bum Fights” and “Street Trash”. I imagine that all the songs are written from the point of view of THE LORD HIMSELF, and these are his observations on life as he sees and experiences it. So if he were to write a song about the best wrestling tag team in the world the “Legion of Doom”, one could imagine THE LORD, is a fan of professional wrestling. Future songs and albums will focus on this, as out new album tentatively titled “Centipede Up Your Ass” will be released any moment now with all of the songs I have just mentioned. So in closing I would like to say thank you for your interpretations, but this Centipede has no place in any heaven, as we will stay here on earth to watch it burn and laugh about it the whole entire time PS. As far as having a third leg goes, visit this link for further explanation as to why we don’t have 100 legs, and why we will not be tying brooms to any of them…. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=third%20leg. THANK YOU!!!


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