The Rudi-Grant Connection recommends the study of the cancer and normal cells to explore the spiritual nature of the human being

The study of cancerous cell will help us to give our attention to the spiritual substance of the cell whose composition resists the changes caused by cancer which disrupts all other living functions of the cell.

The Book Matrudevobhava by Dr. R. Anjaneyulu, M.D., D.G.O., FCPS fails to comprehend the concept of Parthenogenesis

In my analysis, the book Matrudevobhava has failed to understand the concept called Parthenogenesis described in Reproductive Biology.

The Rudi-Grant Connection describes the Brainstem Reticular Formation as the human Soul

Man is constituted by trillions of independent, individual, living cells and each is operated by the vital, animating, Life Principle called Soul or Spirit. However, to establish the physical reality of the Human Individual, a central, coordinating structure called the Reticular Formation of the Brain Stem, constitutes the Human Soul or Spirit.

The Rudi-Grant Connection promotes the study of the multicellular human organism and its identity

Consciousness is an absolute attribute of Life; it is the fundamental characteristic of living matter or living substance described as Protoplasm or Cytoplasm, the essential living matter or material substance of all animal, and plant cells

The Rudi-Grant Connection knows the person at risk to fight an invisible enemy

The Rudi-Grant Connection is about knowing the man, the building blocks and the structural units and organization of the human body. To defend the human existence, the Rudi-Grant Connection lays the emphasis on knowing the person who is at risk apart from knowing the agent posing the risk.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods learns the Art of Giving Thanks for Everything

Yes indeed, Life is Complicated. The biggest complexity of Life is that of a man’s ignorance about his own true or real human nature. The man can overcome the challenge posed by ignorance by learning the art of giving thanks for everything. The man who has learned the art of giving thanks for everything knows what it means to live and will penetrate the Whole Mystery of Life.

The Madhubala Connection at Whole Foods. The importance of the diagnosis of Good Health

the news about Madhubala’s health problems and her premature death at the age of 36-years never reached me until February 2022. In 2022, I could not have conducted a complete physical examination of Madhubala. Right now, I have access to her photo images which do not reveal the signs and symptoms of a major, life-threatening health problem she had during her entire life since the time of her birth in Delhi on February 14, 1933.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods. Psychoanalysis fails to comprehend true or real human nature

In my final analysis, I state that We need a theory that recognizes the spiritual nature of man’s living matter and the spiritual relationships that it formulates while developing and building the very complex multicellular human organism.