The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods Sets Your Mind Free

In the Indian tradition, the concept of mental fluidity is emphasized to prevent the problems of mental Burnout, mental inertia, mental lethargy, and as a practical tool to efficiently assimilate the information acquired by the Learning Process.


THE DIVINE GARB I see a divine garb hanging around my body In the early morning hours when I still feel bodily pains And warding off all attempts to bring to an end Night’s dreamy splendor I see the crimson colors of the divine garb Absorbing the cooling effect of the early morning rays The …


TIBET CONSCIOUSNESS – YAMDROK LAKE – LET IT SNOW I am pleased to share pictures of The Yamdrok Lake taken on October 31, 2015. The Lake is covered with fresh snow and its pure whiteness gives me a sense of Hope and my heart tells me that ‘FREEDOM IS NEAR.’ Let it Snow, Let it …

The Medicine Man : A Forerunner

Indian Tradition glorifies the man who restores life or gives it a fresh lease. The Art of Healing, and providing relief or cure to diseases that afflict man is a Divine Gift.


A child is a ‘Supreme Phenomenon’; not even the father, nor the mother can surpass it. There is nothing more sublime than the living touch of your own baby. You can experience the ‘Power of Creation’ by simply holding your baby.