The Military Expeditions to Demagiri, Tlabung, Lushai, Mizo Hills. A Tribute to Tibetan Martyrs

I am sharing this story about the British Indian Army First Lushai Expedition of 1871-72 to honor the memory of the Tibetan soldiers who arrived in Demagiri, Tlabung, Lushai or Mizo Hills in October 1971 and gave their precious lives during the military action in the Chittagong Hill Tracts initiating the Liberation of Bangladesh

A Gunner Officer of the Indian Army officiates as the Imam of Friday Prayer in Kaptai, Bangladesh on December 17, 1971

The Regiment of Artillery of Indian Army must record this historical contribution made by a Gunner officer who served as an Infantry Commander during the Bangladesh Ops of 1971-72.

The Bangladesh Ops of 1971-72. My Story from the Chittagong Hill Tracts

In the execution of General Urban’s military plan some of the Phantoms, gallant members of the Fifth Army sacrificed their lives. General Uban was not present when the real heroes were cremated or buried. Apart from myself, I presume that the Chakma might have seen where the ‘Phantoms of Chittagong’ were buried. .

The Medical Plan for the Fifth Army in Bangladesh. An unexpected eyewitness of the covert military operation

It amazes me even now that I had to unexpectedly provide help to a total stranger who was experiencing a medical condition which I had already experienced in my personal life.  

The Liberation War of Bangladesh. The Fifth Army in Bangladesh is more like the US Army in Vietnam

The Liberation War of Bangladesh 1971. The Fifth Army in Bangladesh is more like the US Army in Vietnam, but without field guns and very limited airlift support.


MS-8466 Captain. R. Rudra Narasimham, AMC/SSC had served as a Medical Officer at Headquarters Establishment No. 22 from September 1971 to December 1974. He does not want to forfeit his right to claim the gallantry award of VIR CHAKRA which was recommended but not actually awarded.


Major General (Retd) Sujan Singh Uban AVSM, the former Inspector General of Special Frontier Force had executed Operation Eagle in Chittagong Hill Tracts during 1971-1972.