Aristotle's School
Aristotle's School (Photo credit: Ava Babili)



Greek Philosopher Aristotle, Father of Science brings Religion, Philosophy, and Science to come together to know and understand Man as a Whole Person with Form and Matter. Whole Dude comprises of Whole Substance and is not divisible into Body and Soul.


Aristotle stated that corporeal substances are composite of two principles; 1. Form, and 2. Matter. What is called Form is actuality, and what is called Matter is potentiality. We often tend to understand the actuality of human form without giving much attention to the potentiality of its matter or its living substance. Aristotle did not regard the human body and soul as  separate as the soul is merely a set of defining features. He stated that the structure and behavior of things contribute to their individual being and function. In his opinion, “There is a science which investigates Being as Being and the attributes which belong to Being in virtue of its own nature.” Whole Dude or Whole Person is composed of Whole Substance and that Substance is of Spiritual Nature. Hence, Whole Dude or Whole Person is not divisible into Body and Soul. Whole Dude or Whole Person is not an embodied Soul and is a Living Soul.

Published by WholeDude

Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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