Whole Dude gives the Whole Account of Whole Karma

God is involved in all the actions performed by the man but God is not held accountable for the actions of the man. God constituted the man as a moral and rational being who has the ability to review his actions even if the choices are predestined.


The experience of time on this planet Earth is an illusionary experience, and is not an absolute experience. The Perception of ‘Change’ depends upon the spot in the Universe where we may exist at a given instant. The Time’s Power of Dissolution would compel us to explore the concept of Absolute and Unchanging Reality


The attribute called “LIFE” exists as long as the waves( TARANG )continue to move and remain in motion. I would like to draw an analogy between the fluidity that manifests as a flowing stream and the fluidity of a mind that lets a ‘thought wave’ to propagate. The propagation of ‘thought waves’ across generational lines describes my Wave Theory of Immortality.


The Land of India is identified as Karma Kshetra or Karma Bhumi, or the Land of Karma. The consequences of Karma are inescapable. We need to assume an attitude of humility and submit ourselves to the Divine Power which governs Fate/Destiny.