Doomsayer of Doom Dooma Plays ‘Tibet Card’ for “Historical Michigan TouchDown.”  SCORES TOUCHDOWN WITHOUT TOSSING BALL. HAIL TO THE VICTORS!!!

As Doomsayer of Doom Dooma, I play ‘TIBET CARD’ to Win in Football Game  with “Historical Michigan TouchDown.” My ‘Tibet Connection’ is always about my Place of Residence during My Life Journey.

I lived in Mylapore, Madras when Richard M. Nixon served as Vice President. My ‘Mylapore Connection’ on one hand shaped my Spirit of Nationalism and on the other hand prepared me for my ‘Nagarjuna Connection’ in 1962 when Communist China attacked India while my father worked in Nizamabad and Nalgonda. This mental preparation lead to my joining Indian Army Medical Corps in September 1969. On completion of Basic Military Training, I served in Special Frontier Force during Presidency of Nixon and Gerald Rudolph Ford formulating Lifetime affiliation. At Doom Dooma, I recognized the pattern of my ‘Mylapore Connection’, ‘Nagarjuna Connection’ and of Tibet, India, and the US Connection. Historical events continuously followed one another guiding my Destiny.

Doomsayer of Dooma Plays ‘Tibet Card to Win in Football Game with “Historical Michigan TouchDown.” Scores TouchDown without Tossing Ball. HAIL TO THE VICTORS!!!

During 1934, Gerald Ford played for University of Michigan Wolverines Football Team long before Red China’s military invasion of Tibet. But, Ford formulated my ‘Doom Dooma – Ann Arbor Connection’ for Providence shaped his destiny giving him historical opportunity to serve as 38th President of the United States without getting elected by people. It is not my choice. My ‘Doom Dooma Connection’ to Nixon – Ford Presidency may seem remote but my Journey to the United States to live in Ann Arbor, Michigan makes it possible to play ‘Tibet Card’ without fear of retribution or retaliation by Communist China which takes pride in her Superior Military Power.

Doomsayer of Doom Dooma Plays ‘Tibet Card’ to Win in Football Game with “Historical Michigan TouchDown.” Scores TouchDown without Tossing Ball. HAIL TO THE VICTORS!!!

I am playing ‘Tibet Card’ to Win Football Game without Tossing Ball. I will Win when Heaven Strikes in Pudong Dragon’s Field, a “Historical Michigan TouchDown.” World gives importance to “Historical Michigan TouchDown” for it marks ‘Regime Change’; similar to ‘Dinosaur Extinction’ following ‘Bolide TouchDown’ during events of K-T Junction.


Doomsayer of Doom Dooma Plays ‘Tibet Card’ to Win in Football Game to score “Historical Michigan TouchDown” without Tossing Ball. HAIL TO THE VICTORS!!!
Doomsayer of Doom Dooma Plays 'Tibet Card' to Score "Historical Michigan TouchDown" without Tossing Ball. World Rejoices Singing 'Hail to the Victors'.
Doomsayer of Doom Dooma Plays ‘Tibet Card’ to Score “Historical Michigan TouchDown” without Tossing Ball. World Rejoices Singing ‘Hail to the Victors’.

World Rejoices “Historical Michigan TouchDown” Singing ‘HAIL TO THE VICTORS’!!!

Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4162 USA



Doomsayer of Doom Dooma Plays ‘Tibet Card’ to Score “Historical Michigan TouchDown.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama with India’s Prime Minister Nehru in 1956 while I lived in Mylapore.

Prashant Jha, Hindustan Times, New Delhi| Updated: Sep 21, 2016 09:57 IST

Tibetan spiritual leader The Dalai Lama at a meeting with the then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in 1956. (Popperfoto/Getty Images)

When Narendra Modi took oath on May 26, 2014, there was a surprise guest at Rashtrapati Bhawan – Lobsang Sangay, the Prime Minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile.
Four months later, when China’s President Xi Jinping visited Ahmedabad, the security administration was instructed to crack down on Tibetan protesters.
The contrasting images take us to the heart of the underlying tension in India’s Tibet policy. Delhi does not want to antagonise China, and clearly recognises its limitations. But it provides home to Tibetan people as well as the government-in-exile, and is keen to emphasise the cultural connectivity between Tibet and India. Sections of the establishment have sought to use it as leverage but with an extraordinary increase in Chinese power, India’s ability to play the ‘Tibet card’ has diminished even further.


During colonial rule, British accepted Chinese ‘suzerainty’ – and not sovereignty — over Tibet, but maintained independent diplomatic ties. India saw itself as a natural successor of the same relationship. But the script got complicated as China invaded Tibet in 1950.
Sardar Patel was deeply concerned. In a now-famous letter to Nehru in November 1950, he warned of a two-front threat. “The tragedy of it is that the Tibetans put faith in us; they chose to be guided by us; and we have been unable to get them out of the meshes of Chinese diplomacy or Chinese malevolence.”
This represents the strong impulse within the Indian system — which continues till date — to see Tibet as an issue where India has a responsibility. It was also an implicit criticism of Nehru for not doing enough to nip Chinese designs.

But Gyalo Thondup, the brother of Tibet’s spiritual head Dalai Lama, has written of how Nehru had sent him three separate messages, asking Tibetans to mobilise militarily and offering Indian assistance. Thondup did not hear back from his own government for six months. By then, it was too late.
In his recent autobiography, former diplomat MK Rasgotra reveals that Nehru twice sent a confidant to Lhasa to sound out the Dalai Lama’s cabinet about applying for UN membership. Tibet only applied after the Chinese Army had invaded.

Nehru only then reconciled himself to Chinese control over Tibet and underplayed differences. “The realist in Nehru recognised the reality of China’s effective occupation of Tibet,” writes Rasgotra. In 1954, India gave up its rights on Tibet and recognised it as a “region of China”. The period of focusing on the convergence rather than differences was short-lived though.


According to historian Srinath Raghavan, China suspected India had assisted Khampa rebels planning to launch a resistance in 1956. But this perception, he concludes, is not rooted in facts. Nehru had told Dalai Lama during a visit in 1956-57 that an armed struggle was futile, and that he would not permit any activity in India. He also almost forced Dalai Lama to return home even though…..

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