The Material Basis of Spirituality Science. The role of pigments in biological coloration

What it is to be a Substance? and What it is to Exist? We need to establish knowledge about the man and the world on a firm basis and the information it provides must be tested for its accuracy and consistency with an external reality. We have to make the fundamental distinction between the living …

The Material Basis of Spirituality Science. What is the Color of the man?

The Material Dimension of Spirituality Science. The Colors of Life. What is Color? What is the Color of Man? All newborn babies of all human races appear pinkish-red when they are just born. A process of maturation that extends over weeks is needed for the development of skin pigmentation.


WHOLE DESIGNER – WHOLE ARTIST – WHOLE AESTHETICS : Plants have the ability of Photoreception but do not have organs of sense perception like eyes. They produce flowers as if an artist is at work. The flowers below all have two things in common: They’re beautiful, and they remind the human eye of something else …


If Devotion is used as a method of scientific Inquiry, The Art of Knowing is about Knowing Man as a Spiritual Being.


THE COLORS OF SPIRITUALISM: Color plays an important role in every aspect of life. Human civilization has developed taste in color and has attached values and functions to the colors it visualizes. A sense of fitness has been acquired concerning the use of color. The spectral array of colors exhibited by a rainbow is a …