Tibet: The Untold Story. The Land and its People exploited by the Military Occupier.

While the world pays due attention to the flight of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1959, I remind my readers to reflect upon the lives of countless number of innocent Tibetans who lost their lives on account of the brutal and oppressive Communist Regime. Apart from the people, Tibet is ruthlessly exploited and plundered by the military Occupier of Tibet.

Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada


Pictures: the Tibetan uprising and the Dalai Lama’s exile — Quartz

Clipped from: https://qz.com/1568762/pictures-the-tibetan-uprising-and-the-dalai-lamas-exile/

Today (March 10) marks the 60th anniversary of the 1959 Tibet uprising against Chinese rule. The rebellion ultimately failed, leading to the decades-long exile of the 14th Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader.

In the six decades since he escaped to India, the Dalai Lama has evolved into an international icon of nonviolence and spiritual aspirations, traveling frequently and being hosted by political and religious leaders as well as celebrities around the world.

Here is a look at his journey from living among his people at age 23 to his status now as an 83-year-old man unable to return home.

Tibet: The Untold Story. The Land and its People exploited by the Military Occupier.

AP Photo

Chinese Red Army troops fire heavy artillery guns in Lhasa Valley, Tibet, on March 17, 1959, crushing a Tibetan uprising against the Chinese occupation.

AFP/Getty Images

Tibetans gather during armed uprising against Chinese rule March 10, 1959, in front of the Potala Palace (former home of the Dalai Lama) in Lhasa.

Tibet: The Land and its People exploited by the Military Occupier.

AP Photo

The 23-year-old Dalai Lama and his escape party is shown on the fourth day of their flight to freedom as they cross the Zsagola pass, in Southern Tibet, while being pursued by Chinese military forces, on March 21, 1959, after fleeing Lhasa.

Tibet: The Untold Story. The Land and its People exploited by the Military Occupier.

AFP/Getty Images

Tibetan monks, surrounded by soldiers of the Chinese Popular Liberation Army, lay down arms in April 1959, somewhere in the Tibetan mountains after an unsuccessful armed uprising against Chinese rule.

Tibet: The Untold Story. The Land and its People exploited by the Military Occupier.

AP Photo

An Indian official greets the Dalai Lama on the latter’s arrival at a military camp on the frontier of Assam April 18, 1959, in India.

Tibet: The Untold Story. The Land and its People exploited by the Military Occupier.

AP Photo

Armed with a sword, a member of the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan bodyguard is shown at Birla House, Missouri, India, April 21, 1959.

AP Photo

The Dalai Lama of Tibet poses with his hosts, the wealthy Indian Birla brothers and their families April 28, 1959, at Birla house, Mussoorie, India.

AP Photo

The Dalai Lama of Tibet, right, sitting under a portrait of the Buddha, inaugurates the 2,503rd birthday of the Buddha at Birla House in Mussoorie, India on May 22, 1959.

AP Photo

The Dalai Lama at a press conference on June 25, 1959.

AP Photo/Fred Waters

The Dalai Lama of Tibet visits the Taj Mahal in Agra, India on Dec. 8, 1959.

AP Photo

Behind rain-spattered window of car bearing him to his Tokyo hotel, the Dalai Lama greets crowd at the city’s International Airport after arrival from India on Sept. 25, 1967.

AP Photo

The Dalai Lama converted about 2,000 Hindu untouchables to Buddhism at a colorful ceremony in New Delhi on March 11, 1973.

AP Photo/Gene Kramer

Tibet’s Dalai Lama in Simla, India on Oct. 24, 1978, as he nears his 20th anniversary in exile from his native homeland of Tibet.

AP Photo/T. Matsumoto

Welcomed in Tokyo in 1978.

AP Photo/Dan Grossi

Television talk show host Tom Snyder shares a joke with the Dalai Lama during the taping of NBC’s “Tomorrow” show in New York, Sept. 5, 1979.

AP Photo/Robert H. Houston

The Dalai Lama met with then-San Francisco Mayor Diane Feinstein and her fiancé Richard Blum at San Francisco City Hall, Sept. 26, 1979.

AP Photo

Pope John Paul II shakes hands with Dalai Lama, exiled spiritual leader of more than 6 million Tibetans, during a private meeting in Vatican City in Oct. 9, 1980.

AP Photo/Sondeep Shankar

Tibetan spiritual and political leader Dalai Lama offers a scarf during a special prayer meeting Oct. 7, 1987, in the Himalayan foothill town Dharmasala for the estimated 14 dead during the unrest in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital.

AP Photo/Neal Ulevich

The ruins of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery sit on a hill outside Lhasa, July 16, 1985. Before the 1959 revolt against China and the subsequent chaos of the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution, Tibet had more than 2,700 monasteries.

AP Photo/Dave Caulkin

Mother Teresa of Calcutta meets with the Dalai Lama, at the Global Survival Conference in Oxford, England April 12, 1988.

AP Photo/Reed Saxon

The Dalai Lama of Tibet is flanked by actor and activist Richard Gere, left, and model and actress Cindy Crawford, at a dinner to benefit the American Himalayan Foundation at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Sept. 17, 1993.


The Dalai Lama waves to the crowd at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the mall in Washington on July 2, 2000.

Reuters/Mike Segar

The Dalai Lama, speaks to a crowd estimated at over 40,000 in New York’s Central Park on Aug. 15, 1999.

Reuters/David Gray

The Dalai Lama speaks to a large crowd in Sydney on May 26, 2002.

Reuters/Claro Cortes IV

Chinese military police keep watch on the roof of Potala Palace in Lhasa on Aug. 12, 2002.

Reuters/Boris Roessler/Pool

The Dalai Lama salutes a crowd near Frankfurt, Germany on Sept. 22, 2007.

Reuters/Rupak De Chowdhuri

Tibetan monks take part in a candle light rally on the outskirts of the Indian city of Siliguri in support of the protests in Tibet on March 15, 2008.

Reuters/Adnan Abidi

Police arrest a Tibetan exile outside the Chinese embassy in New Delhi on March 17, 2008.

Reuters/Adnan Abidi

Tibetan monks shout slogans during a protest in New Delhi on March 17, 2008.

Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

The Dalai Lama greets Buddhist monks before a teaching session at Radio City Music Hall in New York on May 20, 2010.


The Dalai Lama poses for a picture with the students of a Tibetan school after inaugurating its auditorium at Gurupura in the southern Indian state of Karnataka on July 14, 2013.


A young Tibetan monk holds a portrait of the Dalai Lama, during celebrations marking his 80th birthday anniversary in the northern hill town of Dharamsala, India on July 6, 2015.

Reuters/Anuwar Hazarika

The Dalai Lama waves to his followers before delivering teachings at the Thupsung Dhargyeling Monastery in Dirang, in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, India on April 6, 2017.

Tibet: The Untold Story. The Land and its People exploited by the Military Occupier.

Reuters/Arnd Wiegmann

Dalai Lama arrives for his visit to the Tibet Institute Rikon in Rikon, Switzerland on Sept. 21, 2018.

Tibet: The Untold Story. The Land and its People exploited by the Military Occupier.


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