Creation is defined as to make or bring into existence something new and to produce an object through imaginative skill. As per my Theory of Creation, the natural world and the universe in which we exist is the physical manifestation of an act of Creation. Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution cannot explain this natural phenomenon of Earth existing in a harmonious relationship with Cosmos. The Theory of Evolution is a speculative interpretation of the biological diversity, the ecological relationships, the Natural Adaptations, and the synchronized existence of the living entities and the Cosmos. There is no direct, observable evidence to substantiate the processes or the mechanisms of Evolution. 


People all over the world directly experience the natural phenomenon of Creation. Since every individual could observe and sense this experience, we do not need peer-reviewed papers to prove the fact of Creation. Creation is not merely a past event. Creation is an observable phenomenon of our present times. Creation is a phenomenon that would repeat and perpetuate itself as long as planet Earth exists and the Cosmic Balance, the Cosmic Harmony and the Cosmic Connection prevails. Creation is a Reality that is evident by its own nature. Creation is a self evident TRUTH. 

We detect the reality of Creation through the five special organs of sense. These are : 

1. VISUAL : The sky is blue. The sky is blue because we have the ability of color perception and we actually see the blue light of the visible light spectrum. In rest of the universe, the sky is dark in spite of the presence of very bright objects with a greater illuminative power than Sun. The moment we leave planet Earth, we would encounter a dark sky. 

2. AUDITORY : The natural world is full of sounds. The sounds that we hear are real and often we can recognize and identify the person and the species by applying speech and vocal sound identification technologies. The rest of the universe is silent. There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of entities that have the ability to generate sound and that have the ability of sound perception in the rest of the universe. Sound energy appears to be a phenomenon of our natural world. To propagate sound waves across the universe is not possible due to the lack of a compressible, conductive medium such as gas, liquid, or solid. We use sound energy in several Creative ways and delight ourselves with the musical sounds that we Create. 

3. GUSTATORY : Water imparts an original, pure taste. There is no scientific evidence for the existence of liquid water with its original, pure taste in other parts of the universe. The taste sensation contributes to our enjoyment of life and is celebrated through our culinary arts. 

4. OLFACTORY : The soils of Earth have an original fragrance known as GEOSMIN. The chemical compounds that contribute to Earth’s original fragrance and the soil organisms that generate these chemicals have been identified. The fragrance is a product of interaction of physical, chemical, and biotic factors. The Lunar soil samples that were tested do not demonstrate the characteristics of the soils of Earth. There is no scientific evidence to show that the characteristics of Earth’s soil could be found in other regions of the universe. We should take time to smell the roses to enjoy the fragrant natural world, and to enrich the quality of our existence. 

5. TACTILE : The power of Creation that provides a natural sense of joy can be directly experienced while simply holding your own baby. This sensation of touch is experienced by the object aswellas the beholder of the object. There is no scientific evidence to prove that a similar experience of tactile sensation generated between an object and the beholder of the object could exist in the rest of the universe. 

These five sensations and the five abilities of sensory perception prevail only upon planet Earth. Planet Earth is unique, original, and is only one of its kind in the universe that we directly or indirectly observe and understand as of today. The existence of earth like objects in the universe is purely speculative and is not confirmed by science. The Solar system and the objects it contains came into existence through an act of Creation as defined in the introductory paragraph. Natural scientists use their faculty of sensory perception to identify species that inhabit the Earth. Each species displays its unique traits and exhibits the characteristics of both intraspecies and interspecies variations. The unique ability of living entities to exist and to perpetuate their existence while displaying individual variations is a practical proof of the acts of Creation. In the books of Plant Taxonomy, and the books of Classification of Animal Kingdom, we do not have a category to show any species living or extinct as a ‘TRANSITIONAL’ species or form. The phrase ‘TRANSITIONAL’ species or form only exists in the realm of speculative evolutionary biology. These ‘TRANSITIONAL’ species if found existing today, they would not be described as ‘TRANSITIONAL’ forms in spite of the similarity in some morphological features between ‘TRANSITIONAL’ and other species. This phenomenal natural world with its rich biodiversity is the product of Creation. The ‘PLASTICITY’ of the genome allows an organism to make adaptative changes in response to environmental stresses. Such adaptative changes in the genome are only of a ‘minor order’. A ‘major order’ change in the genome would produce a skeletal change or a morphological variation of high significance that alters the identity of the species and may change its taxonomic classification. Scientists have not demonstrated such ‘major order’ changes in genome in response to environmental stimuli. For example, a bacterial cell can change its genome and acquire the ability of drug resistance without making an evolutionary change in terms of its morphological appearance. Similarly, a bacterial cell can alter its sugar metabolism and yet retains its identity specific to its own species. In fact several different species such as cockroaches, sharks, and turtles are existing upon this planet Earth since the last 200 to 350 million years without changing their anatomical appearance. The dinosaurs of different sizes, shapes and eating habits survived on this planet for nearly 165 million years. In the absence of hard evidence, it is difficult to support the Theory of Evolution. 


We are all witnesses to the physical manifestation of the Creative Force/Energy, Creative Power, Creative Processes, and Creative Mechanisms that contribute and shape our earthly experience of human existence. We are actually endowed with the power to Create. The Creative Force inspires us to be Creative in our imagination, in our thoughts, and in our acts. We express our Creativity in writing, music, performance arts, and craftsmanship. We demonstrate our Creativity in the manner that we use our Precision Grip. We are Creative in our efforts to research or investigate a problem, or to explore the natural world and the universe. The capacity for original and productive thought contributes to Creativity. We need to celebrate the natural phenomenon of Creation to acquire the ability to manifest Creativity in our thoughts and actions. 

Dr. R. Rudra Narasimham,

Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool, A.P., India.,

M.B.B.S., Class of April, 1970.


Published by WholeDude

Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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