The Rudi-Grant Connection promotes the study of the multicellular human organism and its identity

Consciousness is an absolute attribute of Life; it is the fundamental characteristic of living matter or living substance described as Protoplasm or Cytoplasm, the essential living matter or material substance of all animal, and plant cells

The Rudolf-Rudi Doctrine of Spiritualism. What is that exists and knows that it exists?

Yes indeed, Life is complicated. The complexities of Life can only be understood by knowing the fundamental living functions that are the characteristics of Life. A thing has Life if it knows the fact of its own living condition called existence. Cognitive Biology accounts for the spiritual dimension of existence.

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods describes the Vital, Animating Power of Living Things

The complexities of Life cannot be explored without knowing the function of consciousness. The understanding of Consciousness demands the recognition of difference between mechanical performance (Transitive Action), and intelligent performance (Immanent Action). Consciousness cannot be explained by elementary Laws of Physics and Chemistry or by the use of mechanistic principles.

The Material Basis of Spirituality Science. Living vs Nonliving Matter

What it is to be a Substance? and What it is to Exist? We need to establish knowledge about the man on a firm basis and the information it provides must be tested for its accuracy and consistency with an external reality. We have to make the fundamental distinction between the living and the non-living …