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Whole Dude’s employment is described as a “JOURNEY”. The Journey to be Successful and Safe, must proceed on “TRACKS” that are firmly and properly laid on ground. The “TRACKS” of Life’s Journey could be named as “WHOLE SPIRITUALITY.”


Whole Dude’s employment is described as a “JOURNEY.”  Whole Dude often describes his Love of “Whole Food” and his employment has given the insight to know the true or real nature of “Whole Food.”  Whole Dude has demonstrated the fact of his Love; the Love of “Whole Food” during a Life’s “JOURNEY” that is measured as “Service Hours.” He has already rendered “WHOLE SERVICE” of over 32, 000 hours with no reported unscheduled absence from work. Over the last 15 years of employment “JOURNEY”, while keeping a status called “Full Employment”, Whole Dude has not missed a single day of work due to illness, sickness, or injury. Apparently, Whole Dude does not find the Service to be dull, uninteresting, monotonous, tedious, or boring. The lack of boredom during the course of employment could be verified by the fact that Whole Dude has accumulated over 2, 057 hours of “PAID TIME OFF” or paid vacation time of about one full year. In other words, Whole Dude says that the experience of this “WHOLE JOURNEY” called employment is that of psychological satisfaction; mental contentment that establishes happiness in mind and joy in heart. To verify the accuracy of this statement, Whole Dude is disclosing the fact that he does not use alcohol, tobacco, or any other recreational substance to find happiness in his Life’s Journey. To attest this fact, Whole Dude had participated in Community Volunteer Service over several years during the course of his employment; and the Volunteers are routinely screened to verify that they do not use drugs or alcohol. The reason for finding happiness and joy in living experience is because of Whole Dude’s respectful relationship, his partnership, his association, his bonding, and his connection with a nourishing substance that he calls “Whole Food.” His employment has given the insight to know the true or real nature of “Whole Food.” Whole Dude defines “WHOLE FOOD” as the nutritional substance that supports man’s physical, mental, social, moral, and spiritual well-being. These five components of well-being are important to have the experience of peace, harmony, and tranquility in human life. From the beginning of human history, the ideas about spiritualism, and spirituality included a serious concern to find peace, harmony, and tranquility in the living human experience. During the course of his employment, Whole Dude discovered that Food serves the function of a spiritual medium that fosters unity between man’s body, mind, and soul which generates the peace, harmony, and tranquility that man experiences in his living condition.

No man is truly capable of independent existence that excludes the social community and the physical environment in which he exists. Whole Dude is saying that he is supporting his biological existence because of an employment that provides a social community and a favorable environment which is keeping his Life’s Journey on sound tracks. The term “TRACKS” is used to describe a pair of parallel steel rails on which freight cars, passenger cars, street cars, and other rolling stock are drawn by powered locomotives. During 1880s, the width of railroad tracks were standardized at 4 feet, 8 and half inches(1.44 m). The railroad tracks are laid on a firm, and well-prepared ground to ensure their stability and a durable metal like steel is used to support its sustained use. The “JOURNEY”  called Employment that proceeds on the right “TRACKS” is a “WHOLE JOURNEY” and Whole Dude names those “TRACKS” as “WHOLE SPIRITUALITY.”  

I say place the “WHOLE JOURNEY” of your”WHOLE  EMPLOYMENT” on the right “TRACKS”, what do you want to say?  Please share your thoughts and concerns about your “WHOLE JOURNEY” called WHOLE EMPLOYMENT.”




Published by WholeDude

Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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