The term ” Non-Alignment ” was coined by Indian Prime Minister Nehru during his speech in 1954 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The first official Non-Aligned Movement Summit was held in September 1961 in Belgrade at the initiative of Yugoslav President Tito and he was appointed as the first Secretary General for the Non-Aligned Movement. India, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Ghana and Indonesia became the leading advocates for this Movement and currently 55 percent of world’s population is represented by the Non-Aligned Movement.

I grew up in India and developed a sense of fondness for Yugoslavia and viewed it as a friend and a partner in a world that is divided into rival camps.


Yugoslavia is the largest of the Balkan countries of southeastern Europe, is bordered by Austria and Hungary in the north, Romania and Bulgaria in the east, Greece and Albania in the south, and Italy and the Adriatic Sea in the west. From the end of World War II until 1990, Yugoslavia was a Communist state. Hence, the West led by the United States had targeted this nation for destruction. The death of Tito in 1980 had provided an opportunity. Ethnic rivalries were encouraged and violent conflicts between various ethnic and religious groups were strongly supported by various outside forces and the country started falling apart into bits by 1991.


The unilateral declaration of independence on February 18, 2008 by Kosovo which is under occupation by U.S. led NATO forces is the final nail in the coffin and the West had successfully accomplished its mission of dismembering the State of Yugoslavia.

This event is of very great significance to India as the United States continues to support ethnic and religious rivalries in the Indian sub-continent. The United States over the last several decades had pursued a policy that would assure the dismembering of the Republic of India and it openly funds, arms and equips the secessionist elements and provides political patronage in public events such as the Party Conventions.

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  1. This is by far the fairest and most accurate assesment of what’s going on in the Balkans for the last 20 years. Truly commendable.

    Very few people realize this, even in Serbia.
    In effect we could say that EU effectively invaded and colonized Yugoslavia. Sure, that’s not what the news would say… but before the war you had a sovereign mid-sized, mid-powerful country.
    After the whole drama about “trying to keep the peace”… you now have a bunch of bittered, shattered, poor countries, each completely dependent on investments of the same countries who orchestrated this… all of their economies now belonging to the “peace keepers”, making them serfs, or slaves in “their” countries… This is a typical invasion but for one thing – the ground troops were the people that were the target of colonisation, blinded by the idea that they’re fighting for their independence, their country, their religion or their freedom. In effect – they threw all of that allowing themselves to be mislead by sweet words and empty promises.

    Thank you, Mr. Rudra for reckognising and stating the simple, obvious truth.


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