About WholeDude.com-The Unknown Soldier of America

Who is Whole Dude?

Who is Whole Dude? The Unknown Soldier of America.
WholeDude.com represents Tibetan Resistance Movement that is affiliated to Special Frontier Force, a military organization funded by United States. Tibet declared its independence on February 13, 1913 and had signed the McMahon Treaty with India after the Simla Agreement of 1914. Republic of India has not annulled or voided this Treaty and holds it as a valid agreement between two neighboring nations.
WholeDude.com, ‘The Unknown Soldier of America’ represents the Tibetan Resistance Movement that is affiliated to Special Frontier Force, a military organization created by the United States, India, and Tibet. Tibet declared its independence on February 13, 1913 and had signed the McMahon Treaty with India after the Simla Agreement of 1914. The Republic of India came into its existence on January 26, 1950, after India won its independence on August 15, 1947. India did  not annul or void this Treaty and holds it as a valid agreement between two neighboring nations.

The word ‘Whole’ as an adjective describes quality of being healthy, sound, auspicious, not broken, not defective, entire, undivided, complete, containing or constituting the entire amount, or having all of its natural elements. The word ‘Whole’ is also used as a noun to describe a thing or entity that is complete in itself and which lacks none of its parts. Whole Dude is a phrase that refers to Whole Man in all aspects of one’s being, including physical, mental, social, moral, rational, creative and spiritual. Man exists because of functional unity of the entire system and may not be divided into its parts like body, mind, and soul which have no independent existence of their own.

WholeDude.com is the official page of SPECIAL FRONTIER FORCE- ESTABLISHMENT No.22-VIKAS REGIMENT for I am inspired by the Organization’s esprit de corps that transformed me into a ‘Soldier for Life’ and I am not a ‘Soldier for Hire’.

About WholeDude.com I describe myself as ‘The Unknown Soldier of America’ as my military service in Special Frontier Force-Establishment No.22-Vikas Regiment is kept as a secret by the US, India, and Tibet.

I describe myself as ‘The Unknown Soldier of America’ as my military service in Special Frontier Force-Establishment No.22-Vikas Regiment is kept as a secret by the US, India, and Tibet. I am neither a Mercenary nor a Soldier of Fortune. In fact, the quest for Freedom, Democracy, Peace, and Justice in Occupied Tibet forced me to lead the life of a ‘Slave’ in the United States which proclaims itself as the Champion of Free World.


WholeDude.com serves as the official page of Special Frontier Force, a military alliance between the US, India, and Tibet to resist Red China’s Expansionist Policy. As the Doomsayer of Doom Dooma, I am prophesying Beijing is Doomed. I speak of Beijing’s Doom in the words of Prophet Isaiah from The Old Testament Book of Isaiah, Chapter 47, verse # 11:

“Disaster will come upon you that you cannot ward off with a ransom;

a catastrophe you cannot foresee will suddenly come upon you.”

About WholeDude.com ‘The Unknown Soldier of America’, Doomsayer of Doom Dooma prophesying Beijing’s sudden downfall.

On Beijing’s Doomsday, there is not one can save her.

Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada,

Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.,


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  1. Hi there,
    Unrelated to your post here but I was unable to find an email address for you as I was hoping to answer some of the questions you had raised on an Mlive article around two months ago regarding Chinese Medicine (I have only just been made aware of them as I did not know the story had been mirrored to the Mlive site)


    1. Dear Rob,
      Kindly feel free to post your comments regarding Chinese Medicine at this page. I am pleased to note that you have reviewed my comment and would like to respond to the same. I prefer to keep my conversations in the public arena. I do recognize that people may not have the time and often find the topic of discussion not interesting and do not participate in forums hosted by local news media. Thanks for visiting my blog page.



      1. Hi Bhavanajagat,

        Well I guess the first thing I would like to help clear up for you is your concerns regarding illegal poachers or unsafe herbal formulas.

        Here in the US, and also in Australia where Dr Noonan was originally trained, there are a number of laws regarding the testing, production and composition of any herbal formulas that are prescribed.
        This does include testing for heavy metals and toxic chemicals; all herbal formulas that Oriental Rose LLC use come from Crane Herb who comply with the highest standards set forth by the FDA and HIPAA. More information on that can be found here: https://www.craneherb.com/web/practitioner/about_crane/about_crane_home.aspx
        Additionally whilst some formulas have historically included things like tiger bones, bile secretions or portions of the gallbladder this is not the Traditional Chinese Medicine that is practiced today (in most countries, there are still some practitioners who have not learnt through an academic sense but through family traditions who still use some of the older and less ethical ingredients as well as some re-sellers who package their product as “Chinese herbs” but are not in fact prescribing something specific for a patient but offering them for self-medication; highlighting why it is important to see only a practitioner who has been formally trained and recognised but academic intuitions as either a registered acupuncturist or Doctor of Chinese Medicine), and again would very quickly run afoul of FDA and import regulations (and their equivalents in Australia).
        Even if the legal system did not require a certain standard, Oriental Rose LLC and Dr Noonan hold themselves to a standard of ethical healthcare that does not support the use of any formula that requires any sort of poaching and indeed all formulas Dr Noonan issues to her patients are vegan in composition except were the capsules from the supplier are gelatin based.

        To your second point, there are a great number of peer reviewed studies that have found acupuncture and other modalities of treatment to have a verifiable effect (as always many of these are behind paywalls but google scholar search can provide you the synopsis for them). There are some few of these studies that have postulated on why there is a measurable effect (beyond the effect that could be ascribed to a placebo effect) however in many cases this is much like comparing oranges and apples; or to use a slightly different metaphor; trying to explain Buddhism only through the use of Judeo-Christian language and only through reference to a Judeo-Christian mindset.
        Whilst traditional Chinese medicine doesn’t approach things from the same standpoint as western medicine the various modalities of Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, have been subjected to testing and verification both within its own paradigm, as the system has developed and later for verification, and through peer reviewed studies that have focused purely on measurable effect (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1053811902911456) (http://europepmc.org/abstract/MED/10086765/reload=0;jsessionid=VXtjoTQXbE5mwk9fSRbr.38) (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1295813/) are just three examples of peer reviewed articles that I pulled up with a quick scholar.google.com search.

        With regards to a focus needing to be on more than simple relief but treating an underlying condition; like any medical professional a Doctor of Chinese Medicine can’t make any guarantees or promises regarding a specific condition or success of treatment. When speaking with the media and in our advertising material it has been important that we refrain from any comments that could be taken to suggest that we are offering any sort of cure for a specific condition. That said Chinese medicine is not about covering up the symptoms indefinitely but in reducing their impacts by addressing the underlying cause, as perceived within the frame work and mindset of traditional Chinese Medicine but not to the exclusion of other healthcare treatments.

        I hope that this has clarified things for you and perhaps eased some of your concerns; and I hope that you will consider coming in for a treatment some time.


      2. Dear Dr. Noonan,

        Thanks for sending me this clarification about Chinese medicine and some of the remedies used in that practice. In India, for a very long time people have been using traditional remedies and several of them have useful applications. Still, a concern remains about using a standardized formula. If a product is sold as a dietary supplement or as a nutritional product, there is no rule to test it and FDA may not be involved. I am glad to read that your Company takes some precautions to ensure the safety of your patients.

        All the best and wish you success in your efforts to provide relief to sick persons.



  2. Hi. Thank you for your amazing site. I am writing a health book and wonder if I can have your permission to use one of the pictures on your site inside of my book. It’s the diagram comparing human blood hemoglobin and chlorophyll. I can make sure to reference your site. Thank you so much for your consideration. Best Wishes, Christine


    1. Hi Christine,

      I am glad to hear about the book you are writing. Apart from the physical comparison of these two molecules, I am projecting the imagination used by a Whole Designer who created two molecules which essentially relate or connect man with the Designer.

      All the best.



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