The Rudi-Grant Connection demands the inclusion of the concept of Soul and Spirit to account for man’s Identity and Individuality

Biology must use the concept of Soul/Spirit to identify each man as a Specific Individual with Individuality.

The Rudi-Grant Connection investigates the problem of Human Identity and Individuality

Where does the soul exist in the human body? What is the location if the soul is present in the living person? Does man have a soul? How does the human organism acquires Knowledge about its own structures and the functions they perform?


Each human being has an unique genome of his own. To understand and know a species, we need to know each individual member of that species.


Creative Writing Class at Pioneer High School, Ann Arbor is taught by Jeff Kass who also teaches at the Eastern Michigan University. Creative Writing must describe the ‘Individualistic Rhythm’. A Creative Writer never dies as his thoughts survive in his Writing.