The Rudi-Grant Connection describes the Unbeaten Path to know God, Truth, and Life

I learned the truths about the living human body and about Life while dissecting the dead human bodies in a systematic manner.

The Rudi-Grant Connection describes the Connection between Vital Force and Vital Energy in the study of Vital Functions

Several cultures across this globe recognize the importance of natural elements such as wind or air. Soul, the life principle of human beings is associated with the act of breathing.

The Rudi-Grant Connection claims that the theory of evolution offers no hope for mankind

The structural differentiation and the sophisticated functional organization of man makes him a very complex organism. Such complexity actually places man in a position of disadvantage when a cataclysmic cosmic event actually happens.

The Rudi-Grant Connection knows about Life by dissecting dead bodies

It would be much more interesting to reflect upon as to how man arrives here in the first place. If we understand as to when and how man arrives on planet Earth, we could be more certain about man’s status in nature.

The Rudi-Grant Connection investigates the problem of Free Will and Freedom

The most baffling complexity of Life involves the man’s apparent ability to make choices while trapped in a Body that is governed by Conditioned Existence over which the man has no choice.

The Rudi-Grant Connection voids the Buddhist Doctrine of Emptiness or Sunyavada

The Fundamental Force called Gravitation imposes this state of ignorance giving the man an opportunity to formulate mental concepts or perspectives such as the Law of Dependent Origination and the Law of Emptiness or Sunyavada shared by Buddhist thinker Acharya Nagarjuna.

The Rudi-Grant Connection is about Self-Examination to discover my relationship with myself

If I know, who I am, I could live in a relationship with myself. First of all, I need to forget that image, that reflection that I may have seen in the mirror.     

The Rudi-Grant Connection studies the reality of existence with dispassion

The man has no hope to find happiness until and unless he renounces all desires including the desire to find happiness. The man has no choice other than that of living in the moment without concern for either pessimism or optimism

The Rudi-Grant Connection has to listen to the heart beat to find the truth

Right now, I have access to Madhubala’s photo images which do not reveal the signs and symptoms of a major, life-threatening health problem she had during her entire life since the time of her birth in Delhi on February 14, 1933.