On International Women’s Day, Whole Dude discovers Whole Woman called Whole Cookie

In my analysis, the flavor experienced as Whole Woman involves the attribute called the Tone of Voice. The descriptions provided by Human Anatomy and Human Physiology cannot account for the experience called Sweetness which alone helps in knowing Whole Woman as Whole Cookie.

The Rudi-Grant Connection prefers a pound of foolishness over a penny of human wisdom

Man exists in Nature because of his ability to acquire energy from Nature, his physical environment. Man is able to acquire energy because of the connection between the energy seeker and the energy provider. Man does not establish this connection because of his physical or mental effort

The Rudi-Grant Connection demands the inclusion of the concept of Soul and Spirit to account for man’s Identity and Individuality

Biology must use the concept of Soul/Spirit to identify each man as a Specific Individual with Individuality.

The Rudi-Grant Connection has a Reason to Rejoice in the Lord for he arrived as fully human newborn baby

Christmas should not be viewed as an opportunity to please ourselves in the pursuit of joy for our selfish happiness. During this Season it is important to be prepared with a sense of fear and trembling rather than to rejoice without Christ-like spirit

The Rudi-Grant Connection investigates the problem of Human Identity and Individuality

Where does the soul exist in the human body? What is the location if the soul is present in the living person? Does man have a soul? How does the human organism acquires Knowledge about its own structures and the functions they perform?

The Rudi-Grant Connection Discovers the Creative Potency called Maya

Creative power is the power that is able to bring forth new beings. Creativity is the ability to make or otherwise bring into existence something new. The single most important element in the creative process is believed to be originality or uniqueness.

The Rudi-Grant Connection celebrates the Nine Years Long Service Award by Saluting the Law of Temperance

During my service in the Indian Army Medical Corps, I learned the values of Temperance, Fortitude, Courage, and delaying gratification of desires, and avoid seeking physical comforts and pleasures.