The Rudi-Grant Connection narrates the stories of challenges to existence

In 1965, while I was a student of Human Anatomy at Kurnool Medical College, I had the opportunity to know about Dr. J. C. B. Grant (1886-1973), the author of Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy.

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Spiritualism describes the unity of body, mind, and soul

It may be correct to mention various parts of body and give names to different organs. But, the entire human organism is derived from Single, Fertilized Egg Cell

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Whole Spirituality describes the spiritual dimension of the Living Matter

The Rudolf and Rudi Connection at Whole Foods, Ann Arbor can be best described as the concept of Whole Spirituality, the three dimensional spiritual relationship between the multicellular human organism, food, and the Divine Providence.

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Whole Love asks for the celebration of Love as a Fundamental Force

In the United States, we have no Law, or a cultural tradition to commemorate the event in which Jesus Christ has issued the two great commandments asking people to observe the Law of ‘Whole Love’

The US addiction to foreign debt is a symptom of its spiritual sickness

The man made fiscal policy must follow the instructions given by God to follow the principles of fair and just treatment of all people. The US National Debt is a symptom of the spiritual sickness introduced by the US President Bill Clinton in 1996-97. The Nation is now addicted to Debt.

The Rudolf-Rudi Connection at Whole Foods offers prayers on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur 2022

Yes Indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexity of Life involves the separation between the singular entity called Man and the building blocks of his life called cells. The cells exist as independent individuals and the man does not rule or govern the cells of his own body. The concepts of Sin, Repentance, and Atonement are not applicable to the living functions performed by the cells.

The Rudolf-Rudi Doctrine of Spiritualism. What is that exists and knows that it exists?

Yes indeed, Life is complicated. The complexities of Life can only be understood by knowing the fundamental living functions that are the characteristics of Life. A thing has Life if it knows the fact of its own living condition called existence. Cognitive Biology accounts for the spiritual dimension of existence.

The Rudolf-Rudi doctrine of Whole Spirituality reviews Albert Einstein’s No God Theory

Let us talk about concrete things; man, his structure, his function, his behavior, his nature, and his existence in the world that we know and understand today.

Devi Navratri 2022, the celebration of the Divine Mother

In Physics, Power/Energy/Force is not associated with gender. But, when living things exist as male and female, the description of Power/Energy/Force may have gender association.  In the Indian tradition, ‘Deva’ means God and ‘Devi’ means Goddess. Devi in Indian tradition is the personification of God’s Supreme Power/Force/ Energy or ‘Shakti’. To fully account for the …