The Rudi-Grant Connection discovers the purpose in Life using the Spiritual Laws of Love

The discovery of the operation of an Unchanging Principle gives direction to the Rudi-Grant-Madhubala Connection to investigate the purpose of life while being part of a phenomenon that can only be experienced on Earth without concern for the realities of Earth and its motions in Space.

The Rudi-Grant Connection celebrates the wartime military service in the Army Medical Corps

I was granted Short Service Regular Commission in the Army Medical Corps during September 1969 and participated in the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971.

The Rudi-Grant Connection prefers a pound of foolishness over a penny of human wisdom

Man exists in Nature because of his ability to acquire energy from Nature, his physical environment. Man is able to acquire energy because of the connection between the energy seeker and the energy provider. Man does not establish this connection because of his physical or mental effort