Whole Dude-Whole Planet-Whole Experience

The physical, chemical, and biotic factors that interact to generate the earthly fragrance are not available on any other celestial body in the universe that we know today.The Four Fundamental Forces are united in their purpose to produce this new and original product. The originality of Earth’s fragrance could be deemed as an act of creation.

The Cosmic Connection between the Living and the Nonliving Matter

Indian Cultural traditions recognize Sun as SAVITA which means Cosmic Father and He is often described as the provider of great rains, and as a friend of waters that flow across the land surface. Earthly existence is simply impossible without this harmonious relationship between the Cosmic Sun and earthly living creatures. 

Whole Dude gives the Whole Account of Whole Karma

God is involved in all the actions performed by the man but God is not held accountable for the actions of the man. God constituted the man as a moral and rational being who has the ability to review his actions even if the choices are predestined.

The Creative Use of Forms in Devotional Worship

In the context of idol worship, I ask you to recognize the writings of Benedict Spinoza who was expelled by Jews as heretic. I can smash stone idols into pieces. But, I can neither create matter nor destroy matter. For God created Matter, the man cannot doubt God’s existence unless and until man can create or destroy matter. It is rational to attach God’s presence to Matter and to visualize God’s presence in stone idols carved by man.

Spiritual Optics. The Theory of Food. A Spectrum of Seven Colors

I use the method of ‘Applied Philosophy’ to analyze the concept of Spiritual Optics, the Spiritual dimension of the relationship between the man and the substances he consumes as food.

Whole Dude-Whole Food. The Covenant of Salt Forever

The man must view food as a spiritual substance; spiritual nourishment provided by the LORD God Creator and that attitude towards food would provide nutrition, psychological satisfaction, and social bonding which is complete and wholesome. 

Human Genes cannot be patented. The Concept of Whole Patent

The man may invent or discover many things and yet he will not be able to manufacture life in violation of the Whole Patent that is granted for the creative process that always brings forth new Individuals with Individuality without any exceptions..