The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods sent you an invitation on March 17, 2012 to join the Whole Conversation

The Rudi Connection at Whole Foods asked the readers to join the Whole Conversation on March 17, 2012.

Yes Indeed, Life is Complicated. The complexities of Life demand a Whole Conversation to communicate our thoughts, our mental concepts of the most common terms that we use in our daily conversations. For example, we need a better understanding of our own selves and of the world in which we exist. We need to learn to attach specific meaning to terms such as man, food, and the planet on which we find our existence.

Whole Dude – Whole Conversation

Whole Dude – Whole Conversation. Guglielmo Marconi (1874 – 1937) shared with Karl Braun the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics. He had received the first transatlantic wireless signal and he developed wireless telegraphy or Radio. Modern Science has given us several new options for our daily conversations.

Firstly, let me begin this conversation with a tribute to Guglielmo Marconi and the new opportunities that he created to let us communicate with each other. There are several options for our conversation.

Whole Dude – Whole Conversation welcomes all of its readers, both male and female to participate in an open, Whole Conversation about ourselves. The use of the masculine term ‘Dude’ is done for reasons of linguistic convenience, brevity, and for clarity.

Whole Dude – Whole Conversation

It is my intention to give attention to the Whole Human Person and the term ‘Dude’ communicates a feeling of friendship and conveys a sense of endearment. We can talk about who we are, what we do, where we live, and about our purpose in life. We need to know about ourselves and know about our place in the world and universe in which we live. The complexities of Life truly demand a Whole Conversation that brings together the insights provided by Science, Philosophy, and Religion.

Whole Dude – Whole Conversation

At the same time, the Whole Conversation is to give attention to the basic concepts about man, woman, life, existence, and the world without violating any concerns about privacy or private information. We can exchange our ideas, our views, and our thoughts on a range of subjects in a polite, meaningful conversation mixed with a sense of humor.

Whole Dude – Whole Conversation

I suggest that we must use the method called conceptual analysis, or that of applied philosophy to understand mental concepts, ideas, thoughts, and views.

Whole Dude – Whole Conversation

I suggest that we could use a simple reasoning process to verify statements for their accuracy and consistency. A Whole Conversation is hopefully pleasing to hear, and may provide some amusement and a sense of joy to the listener of the conversation. In my opinion, we all exist as ‘Dudes’ as we are all special in our own manners of speech, dress, attitudes, and behavior. Whether we like it or not, there is no real choice and I want to say that you are unique, important, special, distinctive, and one of your own kind.

Whole Dude – Whole Conversation. The artistic perception of the Whole Conversation at the ancient School of Athens.

We need a methodology to study philosophy and to understand philosophical statements. Logical Positivism, also known as Scientific Empiricism aims to clarify concepts in both everyday and scientific language. It describes analysis of language as the function of philosophy. This analysis of language and of concepts is important to understand questions of belief and ideology which affect what we think we ought to do individually and socially. I would use this method of ‘Applied Philosophy’ to analyze the concepts of the most common terms that we use in our daily conversation.

I say, “Hey Dude, come and join the Whole Conversation” and what do you want to say?

Whole Dude-Whole Conversation.

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Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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