The Protector of Dharma in Tibet. Defending Justice in Tibet.

Palden Lhamo, Shri Devi (Sanskrit), is a protecting Dharmapala of the teachings of Gautama Buddha in the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. She is also called Remati. She is the wrathful deity considered to be the principal Protectress of Tibet.
Palden Lhamo is the consort of Mahakala and has been described as “the tutelary deity of Tibet and its government”, and as “celebrated all over Tibet and Mongolia, and the potent protector of the Dalai and Panchen Lamas and Lhasa.”
She is said to reside in a lake within Tibet, called Lhamo Latso. The lake is charged with spiritual energy and is said to bestow visions of the future. One of the methods to search for a new incarnation of the Dalai Lama, the search party will meditate and propitiate Palden Lhamo by this lake.

I will live to be 110 years: Dalai Lama assures followers

Aug 28, 2019, | IANS

The Supreme Ruler of Tibet. The Reign of Dharma, The Rule of Law, the Blessings of Peace, and Justice in Tibet.
Dharamshala, Aug 27: Brushing aside concerns about his health, the Dalai Lama, 84, has assured his followers, especially Tibetans, that he is in the best of health and will live to be 110 years old. 

A video of his address to members of the Minnesota Tibetan Association at the Von Ngari Monastery on August 18 has been widely circulated on social media and was received with joy and relief by his followers around the world.

Concerns about his health were voiced following news that he had been admitted to a private hospital in Delhi due to a chest infection in April.
In his address, while consoling his followers, some of who could be heard weeping occasionally, the Dalai Lama recalled a dream in which the goddess of glory, one of the eight Dharma protectors and the protector deity of Tibet, Palden Lhamo riding on the back of the Dalai Lama proclaims that he will live for 110 years. 
The Dalai Lama also said that the other divinations carried similar foretelling, a statement from the Central Tibetan Administration said.

Holding a letter presented by the representative of Tibetans in Minnesota, the Dalai Lama reassured them again about his health while humorously remarking about the good functioning of his digestive tract. 

He also mentioned about the attention, support and best of medical services that were being provided to him by the Indian government.

Many among the six million Tibetans watched the video with tearful eyes and shared it with friends, parents, families and colleagues.

“Tibetans have not forgotten me, and I will not forget you,” said the Dalai Lama, as he patted one of the followers on the back while recounting a moment when thoughts of the Tibetan people flashed through his mind.

The Dalai Lama has lived in self-imposed exile in India since fleeing his homeland in 1959. 

I will live to be 110 years: Dalai Lama assures followers
The Blessings of Peace and Justice in Tibet bestowed by Palden Lhamo, Goddess Shri Devi.

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