Tibet Crisis. The Circular Movement. Tibet remains under Communist China’s Military Occupation for there is no Movement to take Tibet Forwards.

Tibet Crisis began soon after the expansion of Communism to Asia with the emergence of the People’s Republic of China on October 01, 1949. Tibetans anticipated great ‘Trouble’ but hoped to ward off belligerent Communist Regime through peaceful negotiations.

Tibet Crisis. The Circular Movement. The Middle Way Approach failed to Move Tibet Forwards.

Tibet to defend vital national interests agreed to accept military assistance from the United States with the cooperation and help from India. Communist China used this Tibetan response for nationalistic survival as an excuse to invade Tibet. This illegal invasion of Tibet by Communist China in 1950 precipitated the Tibet Crisis.

Tibet Crisis. The Circular Movement. The Measures for Peaceful Liberation of Tibet utterly failed.

To move forward, Tibet requested “Meaningful Autonomy” to reconcile with China’s military occupation. In 1951, using deception and intimidation tactics, China forced Tibetans to sign the 17-Point Plan or the Seventeen-Point Agreement for Peaceful Liberation of Tibet. This Agreement grants “Autonomy” to Tibetans to manage their internal affairs. By 1957, Tibetans recognized China’s deception. They watched helplessly as China launched measures to fully consolidate the hold over every aspect of Tibetan National Life.

Tibet Crisis. The Circular Movement. Public Revolt, the Tibetan National Uprising against the Measures for Peaceful Liberation of Tibet.

In 1959, Tibetans launched an unsuccessful, massive, National Uprising to break China’s military grip over Tibet. As a consequence of this public revolt, the Supreme Ruler of Tibet was forced to live in exile. Tibet Crisis remains unresolved as the tyrannical Communist Regime always finds justification to deny the just demands of Tibetan people. Tibetans are not able to move forward to bring the Tibet Crisis to a peaceful conclusion.

Tibet Crisis. The Circular Movement. Umay Lam or the Middle Way. The Way Backwards.

In my analysis, ‘The Middle Way Approach’ or the ‘UMAYLAM’ does not help to move forward. It represents a Circular Movement taking Tibetans Backwards from 2018 to 1953 when Tibet and China agreed upon the grant of Autonomy to Tibetans under the Chinese Rule.

Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada



Tibetans come up with a film to resolve Tibet crisis

Clipped from: https://www.thestatesman.com/india/tibetans-comes-film-resolve-tibet-crisis-1502717623.html

CTA releases a film titled ‘Umay Lam: Middle Way-The Way Forward’.

Tibet Crisis. The Circular Movement. Umay Lam or the Middle Way. The Way Backwards.

A screenshot of the film Umay Lam Middle Way – The Way Forward. (Photo: SNS)

The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) on Wednesday released a film titled ‘Umay Lam: Middle Way-The Way Forward’ to resolve Tibet issue.

A CTA official said Umay Lam in Tibetan means the Middle Way Approach and this policy is proposed by Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama to peacefully resolve the issue of Tibet.

The policy also aims to bring about stability and co-existence between the Tibetan and Chinese people based on equality and mutual co-operation.

It is also a policy adopted democratically by the CTA and the Tibetan people through a series of discussions held over a long time, he added.

Produced by Tibet TV and directed by Tibetan filmmaker Tenzin Kalden, the film showcases the relevance of the Middle Way Approach as the Tibetan freedom struggle enters its 60th-year threshold.

The film shows the first generation of Tibetans who lived through the invasion, are now slowly phasing out and the new generation of Tibetans have taken over the mantle of the freedom struggle.

The 18-minute film features leading Tibetan political personalities engaged in Sino-Tibetan negotiations to share their experience and provide commentary on the Middle Way Approach.

The film also highlights how in their own homeland, Tibetans continue to resist the repressive Chinese policies threatening their religion, culture, and identity.

The film illustrates how Umay Lam (Middle Way Policy) which proposes a mutually beneficial solution for Tibet and China wherein Tibetans seek ‘Genuine Autonomy’ within the framework of the People’s Republic of China.

And in return, China maintains, its territorial integrity, is the way forward and the most viable solution to resolving the longstanding Sino-Tibetan issue.

Tibet Crisis. The Circular Movement. Umay Lam or the Middle Way. The Way Backwards.

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