In my analysis Red China’s Imperialism will perish without any human intervention. Era of Emperor Xi Jinping will end by heavenly strike as mentioned in REVELATION Chapter 18.




Rudranarasimham Rebbapragada






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Political commentators and business people in China voiced their displeasure on the proposal for an indefinite term for President Xi Jinping, Time Magazine reported.

In a rare event that was close to an expression of public dissent, prominent people in China penned open letters urging lawmakers to reject the plan to extend the term of the president.

Li Datong, a former editor for the state-run China Youth Daily wrote in a statement on WeChat — a social media mobile application — that lifting the term limit will “sow the seeds of chaos.”

Wang Ying, a business woman who in the past advocated for government reforms, viewed the move by lawmakers as a betrayal.

“I know that you (the government) will dare to do anything,” Wang wrote on WeChat. “And one ordinary person’s voice is certainly useless. But I am a Chinese citizen, and I don’t plan on leaving. This is my motherland too!”

Xi is viewed as the most powerful leader in China since Mao — the founding father of People’s Republic of China.

Li told the Associated Press on Tuesday: “If there are no term limits on a country’s highest leader, then we are returning to an imperial regime.”

“My generation has lived through Mao. That era is over. How can we possibly go back to it?” she added.

The officials in China said they were not aware of the open letters.

Under China’s constitution the president is allowed two terms in office, but the current president sought additional terms to realize the agenda set by his office to fight corruption, eliminate poverty and transform China into a thriving country.

On Sunday, lawmakers in China said they were pursuing an amendment in the constitution in which the term limit can be indefinitely extended so Xi can stay in power.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said Monday the proposal “was made in accordance with new situation and the practice of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.”

The statements indicating discontent on the move to extend the term limit, started making rounds shortly after lawmakers declared they were looking into the possibility.

According to the report in Time, the National People’s Congress was sure the bill to amend the constitution will pass at the next annual session early next month, which would grant Xi a second five-year term and appoint new ministers and other government officials.

“The strong leadership of the [Communist party of China] has proved to be a decisive factor for what this country has achieved both economically and politically over the past four decades,” the China Daily argued in an editorial.

The Guardian reported that the English newspaper China Daily, an international voice for the affairs in Beijing, said the move was “necessitated by the need to perfect the party and the state leadership system.”


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