Justice Verma has invited public to offer suggestions to improve the performance of the legal system while it handles crimes against women.
Justice Verma has invited public to offer suggestions to improve the performance of the legal system while it handles crimes against women.

Honorable Justice. Verma,

I appreciate your concern for the safety and security of women and for inviting people to send suggestions to improve the criminal laws and punishment guidelines for criminal sexual misconduct. However, it may be noted that you are not given the mandate to find solutions to prevent such criminal behavior. It must be said that we live in a democratic society where all citizens enjoy the same freedoms, and Government may try but, will not succeed to protect the citizens from the actions of other citizens at all times. At a fundamental level, I recommend the need for promoting spiritual relationships among people based upon shared thoughts, and feelings. The knowledge of man’s status as a spiritual being would prevent crimes against women.

The violence against women or persons of female gender is a problem and criminal sexual conduct is a part of this larger problem. The problem is not because of inadequacy of existing Laws. We have laws to protect women and people are disobeying the law and may totally escape from the consequences of the law. We need improvements in our procedures to make it easy to report the crime, and further protect the victim from any threat of retaliation for reporting the crime. I would like to offer a few suggestions to improve the manner in which we process the crimes against women.

1.Creation of an Emergency Number to report the crime. A mobile response team, which must include a female police officer, must track the phone call and contact the victim at her location using unmarked vehicle and in plain clothes to protect the victim. The mobile response team must prepare the First Information Report and immediately take the victim for collection of forensic evidence and medical attention as needed. The victim must be provided psychological counselling, and social support such as safe housing( if the victim seeks such assistance) while the crime is under investigation. At all times, the identity of the victim must be fully protected and the police criminal investigation must be kept confidential and information is released only if the victim gives consent to sharing of such information. The revelation of a crime may do more harm to a woman’s psyche than the fact of the crime.

2. Family Friendly Court System: Women would be very reluctant to appear in Public Courts where they get unnecessary public exposure and unwanted attention to their personal, or private problems. We need special, family friendly courts which process these sexual crimes to safeguard the rights of the victim to maintain her privacy.

3. Penalties for Sexual Misconduct: The Sentencing guidelines must include financial consequences for the criminal conduct. The financial assets of the criminal/s must be fully attached by the Court of Law to provide monetary compensation to the victim, to pay towards the costs of investigation, prosecution, and punishment like the costs of imprisonment. The Criminal Records must be made available to the Public in an open registry, and it must be mandatory to disclose the fact of conviction if the offender seeks employment or any kind of public assistance. The criminal must not be allowed future access to the victim, and victim may exercise the right to exclude the offender from her immediate presence like place of residence or occupation.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Rudra N Rebbapragada
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4162, USA


R. Rudra Narasimham, B.Sc., M.B.B.S.,
Personal Numbers:MS-8466/MR-03277K. Rank:Lieutenant/Captain/Major.
Branch:Army Medical Corps/Short Service Regular Commission(1969-1972); Direct Permanent Commission(1973-1984).
Designation:Medical Officer.
Unit:Establishment No.22(1971-1974)/South Column,Operation Eagle(1971-1972).
Organization: Special Frontier Force.

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