There have already been some excellent images ...
There have already been some excellent images of the Birnie Loch cygnets posted. Here is the prequel! This courtship dance was inevitably followed by that which must not be shown on a public forum! During the climax of the dance the birds’ heads and necks traced the shape of a loveheart. (The Cob is on the left, the smaller Pen on the right). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Whole Dude-Whole Dance: Pied Piper refers to a charismatic person who attracts followers using a musical ability. The children in this image are seen dancing to the magical tune being played by the Piper. Dancing to the tune played by your Life-Partner may lead to Success in Life when Dance is defined as a natural impulse to express Pleasure and as acts related to Courtship and Mating Behavior.

Dance is an expression in rhythmic movement of an intensified sense of life, arising from an inner perception that stimulates both mind and body. Dance is often performed to simply take delight in the movement itself. I would like to speak about the dance impulse and not about ‘The Art of Dancing’. The ‘Art of Dancing’ is the act of moving the body in a rhythmical way, usually to music, to express an emotion, or idea and it develops into a design – a planned organization of a pattern of movement in rhythm, in space, and on the ground with its steps, gestures, and dynamics. Dance is one of the oldest of art forms and is part of every culture of our planet Earth. Dance may be used for a variety of motives and its purposes are varied such as ceremonial, liturgical, magical, theatrical, social, or purely aesthetic. However, it must be noted that the purpose of dancing as a social activity and as a form of entertainment is of recent origin. The dance impulse has been there from the beginning of man’s existence on Earth.


Dance may have been the first means of communication. Dance is a natural activity to express feelings in action. At a fundamental level, dance remains a simple expression of pleasure or act related to courtship, and mating behavior. Birds, animals, and even spiders dance to attract and impress a mate as part of their reproductive behavior and to attain reproductive success.

Whole Dude-Whole Dance: Pavo cristatus- Peacock is a male peafowl with a crest of plumules and long, brightly colored upper tail coverts that can be spread like a fan and have rainbow-colored eye like spots. It struts and makes very loud calls to attract the attention of its female partner displaying a magical quality of courtship behavior.


There are many kinds of dancing  but, dance as a natural impulse does not require training or tutoring. Man expresses his feelings in movement to simply release the natural instinct like the desire for mating. Dance as a courtship behavior is devised for the enjoyment of the performer to achieve his own purpose and it is not for the benefit of any spectator other than that of a mating partner. It can be classified as ‘Solo Dance’. My friend Charles the Great performs vivacious, dynamic, and passionate dance movement while all of us are busy performing our work-related tasks. He vibrates his legs, gesticulate with his hands, swings his shoulders and hips, and twitches his head. The impulse to dance comes very unexpectedly just like an epileptic seizure or convulsion. He suddenly moves into the dance mode while he was in the middle of doing or performing a complicated and demanding task. He has explained that his dance could be called “HILLBILLY” Dance. It is wild, it is rustic, or folksy. The hand, and elbow movements indicate a sense of urgency, a passionate desire, and announce that he is ready for action; his preparedness for courtship and it announces a plea for sexual union. The hip movements suggests, demands, or challenges to elicit a response to his readiness for mating. He moves his hips sideways to send a negative signal and when viewed by his partner it gets translated into a positive signal to commence his true, or intended action of moving his hips back and forth for successfully accomplishing his mission. I have asked Charles the Great as to why he is sending a negative signal and not using a positive signal to express his true desire. In his expert opinion, the females are wired differently; they always translate a positive signal into a negative response and convert a negative signal into positive action. The female as species have an intrinsic or innate desire to control, and to regulate the courtship and mating behavior of the male. A signal sent by male will often elicit an opposite reaction. Charles the Great communicates his impulse with his unique dance move that states: “I am ready for action. Do you want to say No?”  Charles the Great is a very successful person and his “NO” is always replied with “YES.” I call his Dance as the Whole Dance for Whole Success. I had asked him to share the secret for his success in Life. He told me that he always dances to the magical tune of the Piper and follows the charismatic Piper all the time. I am not surprised. Charles the Great had moved from Boston City to Ann Arbor, Michigan just a few months ago and now he is busy packing his bags and is on the move again. He is leaving all his buddies behind and is following the Piper to live in Chicago. I have asked him if he has any problem with living in Ann Arbor. He says that there is no problem with the folks of Ann Arbor. His reason is that of the Golden Rule for success in Life; Just Dance to the tune and follow the Piper.

I say, success in Life is called the ‘Whole Dance’ and there is no chance for ‘Whole Grind’ if you do not dance to the magical tune played by the Piper. Whole Dance gives Whole Success and what do you want to say???  


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Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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