HMS Beagle at Tierra del Fuego (painted by Con...
HMS Beagle at Tierra del Fuego (painted by Conrad Martens). HMS Beagle in the seaways of Tierra del Fuego, painting by Conrad Martens during the voyage of the Beagle (1831-1836), from The Illustrated Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, abridged and illustrated by Richard Leakey ISBN 0-571-14586-8. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Natural Science is the systematized knowledge of Nature and the physical world. It gives us the information to show change as the pervasive natural phenomenon. I seek to establish Spiritualism as the relationship between a changing object and its unchanging Spiritual Nature.


Richard Leakey, the leading Paleoanthropologist who conducts research at Turkana Basin Institute, Kenya believes that humanity will soon embrace the Theory of Evolution. He finds evidence for Human Evolution from the collection of Hominin fossils found in Africa.


Richard Leakey, a leading Paleoanthropologist who conducts research at Turkana Basin Institute, Kenya and teaches at SUNY, New York, has stated: “Extinction is the most common phenomena” …..”Extinction is always driven by climate change.” He believes that he has gathered enough fossil evidence to establish that man has evolved in Africa and that man in the next 30 years or so would fully embrace the Theory of Evolution as the basis for man’s origin.



Things in Nature change under the influence of time. Charles(Robert)Darwin,1809-92, English naturalist originated Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection which holds that all species of plants and animals developed from earlier forms by hereditary transmission of slight variations in successive generations and that Natural Selection determines which forms will survive.


I would like to respond to the view shared by Charles Darwin and other evolutionary biologists by suggesting that the Unchanging Reality supports the biological existence of a changing reality called Life. Human Life depends upon alternate periods of Light and Darkness. Each human being has a life span or LifeTime of its own as the organism measures the time interval between the moments of changing day and night while the source of Light remains the unchanging Reality. The reality called Life is not possible without this environmental change called day and night and the change called day and night will not happen unless it is supported by the unchanging nature of Reality. That is why, Life is a conditioned experience. Life is conditioned to exist by depending upon a change that is supported by unchanging Nature. While the Laws of Conservation of Matter and Energy would not allow matter( or mass ) and energy to be created or destroyed; living things are born and die because of the unchanging nature of Reality. Every change happens because of the unchanging nature of what we describe as ‘Nature’. Things in Nature change and yet Nature remains unchanged. Days alternate with Nights, Seasons change with regularity and consistency. While environment, and climate tend to show change and variation, we tend to notice change in the shape, size, or appearance of a Life Form while the nature of Life remains unchanged. In the fossils, we find the evidence for extinction of life forms and yet there is Life on planet Earth as the living substance, living matter, and living ground material remains unchanged. The unchanging ‘Spiritual’ Nature of Life and living matter allows the simple form of life called Egg Cell to change in size, in shape, in complexity, and in its morphological appearance and arrive as a newborn baby. At a fundamental level, this natural change from a simple to complex form of Life is possible because the elements of Nature have unchanging properties and the celestial objects move in Space in consistent, and expected regular orbits to support the existence of Life. Time flows, brings changes and yet Time flows in a cyclical manner. The Cyclical Flow of Time brings changes called Life and Death and Life after Death/Extinction.

Dr. R. Rudra Narasimham, B.Sc., M.B.B.S.,

Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India,

M.B.B.S.  Class  of  April, 1970.

Biographical Information :

1. Place of Birth : Mylapore, Madras City, Chenna Patnam, Chennai, Madras State, Tamil Nadu, India. Born Hindu, Brahmin(Niyogi-Smartha), Telugu Speaking.

2. Date and Place of Marriage : January 29, 1973, Congregational Town Church, Cuddapah, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Published by WholeDude

Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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  1. Hi
    Dear Dr
    I’m in 50s . I am a roaming Sathu . I wish to download all articles from bhavanajagat.com.
    Kindly help me to have link and downloading PDF to iPad 5.1.1
    God and my Guruji have given me a little knowledge about medicines, genetics, computer science, Vedic philosophy, chemistry , astrology and related subjects.
    I fond of reading your pages. Please let me store them all .
    Please reply.
    Adiyean dhasan.


    1. Dear Shri. Ramanujadhasan,


      Thanks for visiting my blog post. The Bhavanajagat.com files can be downloaded on to your computer as “xml” file and you may have to use a program from ‘ACROBAT’ to convert into a ‘pdf’ file. I have not tried it, but I will try and see if I can forward the file to your e-mail address. Kindly share your views on the pages that you visit.

      With very best regards,


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