The Divine Phenomenon - The Power of Creation
The Power of Creation could be simply experienced by holding your own baby.


I saw thee dragging thy feet up the stairs

Making me watch every movement of thine

Step by step, you steadied up,

Thy broad smile hiding all thy effort

What angel pushes thee up no eye can see.

I saw thee stretching, hugging the mother earth,

Rising and falling while crawling all the way;

All to thyself, no pitfall to frighten thee,

Nor danger lurking can stop thee going

And when the journey was finished there is that glow

“Who can beat me in the race?” thy challenge goes out

Thou art the victor in all such deeds.

Thou wert the star attraction of all ages,

Napoleon acclaiming thee as the greatest of all creation;

Saintly Gandhi hugged thee to press his lips on thine

“Chacha” Nehru crawled by thy side forgetting his power and pomp;

Can the royal throne or sceptred sway provide anything equal to thee?

Thou hast remained through ages humanity’s main hope in a naughty world.

Why did the Buddha see in thy birth unredeemed sorrow and suffering?

Why was it that Jesus saw in thy advent the gnawing pain of unsullied sin?

Or why was it the great Sankara said that thy emergence was enveloped in ‘Maya’ or illusion?

Thou did confound every philosopher and kept to thyself the mystery surrounding thy species

Thou an enigma and a riddle proclaiming the unanswerable divine will.

Still the world all over rejoices in thee and gives thee royal welcome

Without thee life is a desert with no flower to bloom,

Without thee the sweetest of poetry finds no place in heart

Thou art the greatest messenger of love

And give thy message to everybody, “Love thy neighbour as thou lovest thy child,

And see in every person a latent child

And discard all hatred that corrodes the soul.”

What more sublime is there than thy living touch

What greater joy is there than thy winning smile?

For me thou art a Supreme Phenomenon

With none to surpass not even the father, nor the mother.

( This poem was published in Indian Express, Hyderabad (A.P.) Daily Edition dated November 09, 1986. )

Published by WholeDude

Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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