Saint Michael Vanquishing the Devil
“It is a fight the like of which no one can imagine” – From ‘A PERPETUAL FIGHT’. The Devil creeps into your dwelling like a thief to rob you and to destroy you.


It is a fight the like of which no one can imagine

A fight where the enemy has the edge

Using weapons having the sharpness of a sword

And having physical proportions of a devil though in human shape;

Mine are somewhat rusted nor can be wielded with any strength

As creeping old age makes the muscles lose their sheen

Still I garner all the strength to give a strong fight

To escape deadly blows and cruel fisticuffs

Though I survive I lie prostrate

The devil declares its victory with a bugle sound

Though it cannot kill as it pertains to the domain of God

It shouts loudly ” This is not enough

I will have a bigger fight

My plan is to make mincemeat of your body

It is to see your faculties are destroyed

Your memory power,

Your intellectual strength, your deep understanding of the past,

Your capacity to stand up against untruth and injustice

Will all disappear with one blow

You will be reduced to a level

Where man started his living millions of years back

As a cave dweller, as a hunter, eating raw meat or fruit

With little brain power barring raw instincts”

I get up overcoming fatigue and slumber

I realize I can yield no more ground if I have to survive

Without faculties I will be nowhere

They are my real wealth and shall remain with me

While I am alive

I may grow old in age but not in mind;

I challenge the devil for another fight

Though hands shake and legs shiver

The mind remains strong

It tells the body not to lose heart

As there are ways and means to keep the devil at bay;

The mind gets its strength from food received through secret parlour

Not known to anybody except myself

As the feed goes on it continues the fight

The forces well placed on either side

The fight goes on, it is a perpetual fight

It is part of the great mystery that is called human life.

Saint Michael-the-archangel
Old age creeps into body like a thief, like a devil to destroy you.”As there are ways and means to keep the devil at bay”. Faith is your secret weapon as the perpetual fight goes on.

Published by WholeDude

Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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