Annapurney,Sadaapurney,Shankara Praana vallabhey

Jnana Vairaagya Siddhyartham,Bhikshaam deyhi cha Paarvati.



Lord Krishna - My Favorite Prayer Song
Kasturi tilakam la laata palake, vakshasthale Kaustubham; Nasaagre nava mouktikam, Karatale Venum, Kare kankanam; Sarvaagre harichandanam cha kalayam, kanthe cha muktaavali; Gopastree pariveshtitho vijayate Gopaala Choodamanee.

Several years ago,my father sent me a prayer book,”PRAADHNAA TARANGINI”.The book originally belonged to my mother and she signed her name on the first page and dated the copy on 1-2-89.Apparently,she liked some prayers more than others and she check marked her favorite selections in the prayer book.I liked her choice of ” BRUUHI MUKUNDEYTI ” and Smt.M.S.Subbulakshmi in her melodious voice sang this song and the recording is available on cassette tape.

Bruuhi Mukundeyti,Hey rasaney,Paahi Mukundeyti

Akrura Priya Chakradhareyti

Hamsa Niranjana Kamsahareyti .


Radhaa Ramana Harey Raameyti

Rajeevaksha Ghana Shayaameti

 Kesava Madhava Govindeyti

Krishnaa ananta Sadaanamdeyti .

 Achyuta Krishna Harey Raameyti

Hari Naraayana Tirtha vareyti.

Bruuhi Mukundeyti,rasane Bruuhi Mukundeyti.


Lord Krishna and His Sweet Names.
LORD MADHAVA, the Consort of MADHAVI( which also means Sweet, Honey, Sugar, and Sweet Wine) bestows KRUPA and it imparts the taste of Sweetness known as MADHURYA.

The name Sri Krishna is received by the ears of the listener with a sense of sweetness which is described as sweet as the heavenly nectar ” AMRUT “.Prahlada, a great devotee of Lord Vishnu has described nine ways to worship Vishnu.The acts of  SMARANAM( Recalling from memory ) ,  KIRTANAM ( Singing ), and  SRAVANAM ( Listening )  could be combined into a single act of worship by simply repeating the various sweet names with which Lord  Krishna is known.The best thing about this prayer is that one need not ask for any grant of wishes and need not express the desires of your heart.Kuchela who had traveled to Dwaaraka to meet with Krishna and seek His favors,had actually forgotten to mention the purpose of his visit and was feeling sorry on his way back home for he thought that he had missed a great opportunity to speak his mind to Krishna.Kuchela,when he eventually got back home,he was in for a big surprise.Krishna knew his problems and granted his wishes and much more even without hearing a word about it.The sweetness of the name makes it easier to carry on the burdens of life and comforts you during your journey.The sweet name cheers up your heart, brightens your mood, sooths your aching joints,and gives hope when there is nothing else you can do.Let that sweet name fulfill your unexpressed,unstated and unspoken desires of your heart.

Favorite Prayer of my uncle Sri.R.K.RAO:

 LORD HANUMAN - My Favorite Prayer Song.
Manojavam, Maaruta tulya vegam; Jitendriyam, Buddhimataam varishtam; Vaatatmajam, Vaanara Yuudha Mukhyam, Sri Raama duutam Saranam prapdhey.





Favorite Prayer of my brother Prof.R.SUBBARAO:

Asya Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Stothra Mahamanthrasya

Vashinyadhi Vag Devatha Rishaya

Anushtub Chandaha

SriLalitha Parameswari Devatha

SriMath Vagh Bhava Kootethi Bheejam

Madhya Kootethi Shakthihi

Shakthy Kootethi Keelakam

Moola prakruthihi Ithi Dhyanam.

Favorite Prayers of my pilot Uncle Capt.R.R.RAO :

Lord Ganesha - My Favorite Prayer Song
Sri Vakra tunda Mahaa kaaya, Koti Surya samaprabha; Nirvighnam kuru me Deva, Subha karyeshu Sarvadaa.

My Prayer in the morning:

Eka Dantam Maha Kayam, Tapta Kanchana Sannibham

Lambodaram Visalaksham, Vandeham Gana Nayakam.

Om Nama Savatre(six times)

Guna Suryam Adityam(eight times)

Vishnu Shakti Samutpanne, Shanka varna Maheetale,

Aneka Ratna Sambhuute, Bhumee Devi Namostutey.

Before going to bed at night:

Lord Rama - My Favorite Prayer Song
Jayatu, Jayatu Mantram, Janma saaphalya Mantram; Janana marana chheda klesha vichheda Mantram; Sakala nigama Mantram, Sarva Saastraika Mantram; Raghupati nija Mantram, Raama Raameti Mantram.

Sri Raama, Raama, Raameti, Rame Raame Mano Rame,

Sahsra Naama tha stulyam  Raama Naama, Varaa na ney.


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Whole Man - Whole Theory: I intentionally combined the words Whole and Dude to describe the Unity of Body, Mind, and Soul to establish the singularity called Man.

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  1. I am very happy to start each day with an ennobling thought or idea or a prayer from you;thanks a thousand times and thanks a million times for your mother’s photo;since God cannot be everywhere he created mothers is so true of your mother;while I did not have much opportunity to interact with her,my mother held her in great affection.
    Your query set me thinking!!!my brother ramam is a great devotee of Hanuman being a flyer;ofcourse I start my day with
    Hanuman is the incarnation of faith on which i will relate an episode later;he is also the true symbol of Hiduism’s belief that animals are also our equals and that nonviolence towards all creation-ADWESHAM SARVABHUTESHU.
    once The Great Akbar said ‘Allah’is great;Birbal said faith is greater than God;Akbar challenged him to prove it;Birbal in secret wrapped a pair of Akbar’s chappals in a cloth,put them in a temple and declared them to be those of a famous saint that passed away recently;devotees started visiting the shrine in trickles firstly and in torrents soon;Akbar himself came to visit the now famous shrine when Birbal opened the cloth for Akbar to see his own chappals!!!!then he realised that Faith is greater than God.
    om namah sivaya


  2. I am seeking “BHIKSHA” (alms) and it is easier to seek it from own mother and the fact that her name is “ANNAPURNA” makes the prayer easier for me as I know that my request would not be refused.


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